Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman will participate in Jimmy Johnson’s Hall induction

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Jimmy Johnson wants both Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw to participate in his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, Bradshaw revealed on PFT Live this week.

“Troy is going to do the video presentation, but he wants me to put the jacket on him,” Bradshaw said.

Usually, the presenter places the Hall of Famer’s gold jacket on him at the Gold Jacket Dinner and does the video presentation at the Hall ceremony the following day. But it sounds as if Johnson wants the two Hall of Famers — one his co-worker at Fox and the other his former quarterback — to join him this summer.

Johnson found out two weeks ago during his Fox halftime show that he was joining Aikman and Bradshaw in the Hall of Fame.

“I tell you what was funny: Jimmy never talks about honors, never talks about himself, and we had no idea how important getting to the Hall of Fame at this stage of his life,” Bradshaw said. “Now five, six years ago, we talked about it, and he was like, ‘I don’t care about it.’ He just never thought he would get in. So we were watching Saturday on CBS, and [Hall of Fame president] David Baker went on during the pregame show and presented Bill Cowher going into the Hall of Fame, and we were just like, ‘Holy cow. I never heard them do anything like that. Is that how they do it?’ So we weren’t thinking about it the next day, but Jimmy was. So we did the pregame show, and nothing happened. But Jimmy thought, we found out later, if I don’t get in like Cowher, if they don’t do it on the pregame show, but he didn’t, so he thought it was over with. When we were doing highlights, we never do highlights from that field, never from that little playing field. Curt said, ‘Well, we’ve got one more guest today,’ so none of us knew, and in walks in David Baker. Oh, my God, is this not great,’ and Jimmy just lost it.”