Andy Reid showed guts on two early fourth downs

Getty Images

The Chiefs’ offense was so dominant in the fourth quarter that it would be easy to overlook what they did early in the game. But Andy Reid set the tone early in the game with two gutsy decisions.

On the Chiefs’ second offensive possession, they faced a fourth-and-1 at the 5-yard line. Reid initially signaled for his field goal unit to take the field, but when an injury timeout gave him more time to think, Reid decided to go for it. That’s when Eric Bieniemy busted out his 1948 Rose Bowl trick play, the Chiefs converted, and they scored a touchdown two plays later.

On the Chiefs’ next drive, Reid again decided to keep his offense on the field on fourth-and-1, and Damien Williams again picked up the first down. Although the Chiefs settled for a field goal on the drive, it was the right call for Reid to trust his offense.

In recent years, NFL coaches have become more aggressive on fourth downs, and more often than not, that aggressiveness is rewarded. Reid made two aggressive calls early in the game, both succeeded, and both helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl.