Can Chiefs be a dynasty? Patrick Mahomes says it’s about improving each day

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Patrick Mahomes has only been an NFL starter for two seasons. In the first season he was the league MVP and in the second season he was the Super Bowl MVP. That had reporters asking Mahomes after Super Bowl LIV if last night’s win was a step toward a Chiefs dynasty.

But Mahomes pumped the brakes on that. According to the Kansas City Star, Mahomes was asked three times in his post-game press conference about the Chiefs becoming a dynasty, but Mahomes just wanted to focus on improving right now.

“I believe in maximizing every single day. That’s the thing with me,” Mahomes said. “Obviously I’ve had a good start to my career. I’ve been blessed to be in a great organization with a lot of great players around me that make my job easier. But I know it’s gonna take a long time of consistency if I wanna be where I wanna be in the end. I’m lucky enough that I have a lot of great people around me that I have a chance to go out there every single year and compete.”

That is the right answer. The Chiefs could turn out to be a dynasty, but that is a long way off, and Mahomes is wise to recognize that.

19 responses to “Can Chiefs be a dynasty? Patrick Mahomes says it’s about improving each day

  1. The refs non call calls on the neutral zone infraction & helmet to helmet on Garoppolo sealed the deal.

  2. They can be a dynasty until Patrick Mahomes is making $45 million a year.
    QBs demanding ridiculous salaries compared to everyone else is the current dynasty-killer.

  3. Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody thought the Patriots could become a dynasty. Not even after their first SB that was considered an overachievement more than anything else. But here we are 20 years later. And really you cant predict things like that, its too long a time period. The challenge is keeping it up as personnel rotate in/out. The people that won it for you will be going away so you need new people to win it for you. Thats why the other teams that won the SB during that period never became dynasties. As people have grown sick of the Patriots every more recent SB winner has been talked about as the new dynasty. The Chiefs are no exception. And who knows? Maybe this is the one that comes true. Eventually it has to. Only time will tell.

  4. Can we stop. Every time a team win the SB they are the next “Dynasty “
    Just enjoy the fact that they won and let it play out.

    We all saw the One Year Dynasty in Seattle…

  5. I believe Mahomes is level headed enough to understand the complexities involved with winning it all that he will not take for granted all the factors needed to do so, including limiting injuries during a season. Mahomes’ dislocated kneecap wasn’t exactly a skinned knee and returning just two weeks after incurring that injury was quite impressive. The kid “took it to the house” and it was great fun watching him do so. As for talk of a dynasty…let him and the Chiefs enjoy this win for a bit. Thay hyped up dynasty talk can be addressed later…

  6. The odds are extremely low. There are the Patriots and everyone else.

    It wouldn’t be surprising at all if Mahomes-led teams win more, but we’ve seen for years what happens to “would be” dynasties. They crumble before they ever get going.

  7. I don’t think this will be a dynasty and these are the reasons why:

    1. Mahomes is going to be the highest paid QB. This will mean that they will also need to sign his best offensive weapons as well. This will be done at the expense of an already shaky defense

    2. The defense is going to get worse as players will looked to get paid. You will have to replace experience with rookies.

    3. You will lose coaches. Spats and Bieniemy if they don’t leave this year or next year for sure.

  8. The dynasty question gets asked after every SB. Next will come the odds for who wins the SB next year and as usual, the previous winner will be at the top. Also, it will get dark tonight and light in the morning.

  9. Possibly, but not likely! He missed three plus games this year due to injury! There’s no guarantee that, or worse, won’t happen again!

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