Chiefs have more than one play from 1948 Rose Bowl in their playbook

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said postgame that the direct snap to Damien Williams to convert a fourth down came from a play they found from game film from the 1948 Rose Bowl.

Andy Reid revealed Monday how he found the play . . . and others that are in the Chiefs’ playbook.

“My brother’s high school coach was actually in that game for USC, so I had a little bit of tape I went back through and pulled that out,” Reid said. “We actually have a whole package of it, so you have to wait to wait until next year to see the rest. There’s some good stuff.”

The single-wing look was a staple of Michigan coach Fritz Crisler. The spin move trick play led to Williams gaining 4 yards to the 1-yard line on fourth-and-one.

It’s a play the Chiefs have had in their playbook for a while but were waiting for the right time to call it. Williams run’ set up Patrick Mahomes‘ 1-yard touchdown run.

“We’ve worked on that play since the first day of OTAs phase two, just working on that play,” Mahomes said Monday of the fourth-down call. “Like coach Reid said, we have a whole package that we were working on. We kept working on it every single week and kept working on it and executing it and doing it the right way, waiting for the perfect time to call it. When we were there and coach said it, I was like, ‘It’s time. Let’s do it.’ We all spun around. Everybody did it the right way. Damien had a great catch on the snap and then he hit up the middle. I think just that practice. You never know when those plays are going to get called, but you just keep working and trying to perfect them every single time you get an opportunity to.”