Falcons announce they will not pursue negotiations with Vic Beasley

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The Falcons announced Monday they will not pursue negotiations with Vic Beasley.

Beasley is set to become an unrestricted free agent when the new league year begins March 18.

“As we continue to craft our 2020 roster, we’d like to thank Vic for five years of effort on behalf of our organization,” Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said in a press release.

Beasley completed his fifth season with the organization in 2019, playing in 78 games with 60 starts.

The team drafted him eighth overall in 2015. He totaled 156 tackles, 36 tackles for loss, 37.5 sacks and 46 quarterback hits in his five seasons with the Falcons. He also added 12 passes defensed and 11 forced fumbles.

He finished 2019 with 42 tackles, 12 quarterback hits, eight tackles for loss and eight sacks.

32 responses to “Falcons announce they will not pursue negotiations with Vic Beasley

  1. Maybe it’s just me…but this seemed like a really weird way to go about this. The teams official twitter account literally said “BREAKING NEWS: we will not pursue negotiations with Vic Beasley this offseason.”

  2. #8 overall is the kind of pick you need to really turn into a force to be reckoned with — like sacks and pressures all the time. Wasn’t to be. Maybe we can hit on pass rusher this year. Wish you the best, VIc.

  3. Don’t let them fool you. This was my decision, not theirs. I haven’t yet decided if Beasley will play next year and if so for whom. Plenty of time to sort things out.

  4. Every thread about a free agent is full of clowns saying ‘come to my team’. At least make some sort of case for it. Put in the effort.

  5. This seems like a cold divorce. Announcing that they will not attempt to re-sign him, and thanking him for “5 years of effort” lol. That’s not the highest of praise.

  6. He should have no problem getting on any team he wants to. His numbers last year were better then Jadeveon Clowney who the Seahawks can’t wait to waste their money on.

    The Texans could use him! Team him up with Mercilus. Watt is aging fast and can’t be counted on, even when he is playing.

  7. He has the tools but is not motivated and has been unproductive his whole career. Dan Quinn offered to work with him directly in the offseason to help him develop as much as he could for this crucial contract season. VB declined. That should be all every other team needs to know.

  8. As a Falcons fan, this is the right move. He was our most frustrating player and never came close to equaling his 2nd year outlier. The guy lacks a motor. His 8 sacks this year came late in the season and several were trash sacks against bad competition in one game. Nice guy but no eye of the tiger.

  9. He is a one trick pony. And that trick can be found in the fourth round. Vic will come to realize his perceived value is not the same as the GM’s of NFL teams.

  10. “He has the tools but is not motivated and has been unproductive his whole career.”

    His second season he had 15.5 sacks, so at least one of his seasons was very productive

  11. Apparently the Falcons weren’t happy he didn’t join the offseason program. After they tried to trade him Beasley then said trade talk did not serve as motivation to play better in the second half of 2019.

    His eight sacks are tied for 33rd in the league. Something tells me this guy is going to want more than $15M/yr and his production doesn’t seem to warrant being paid that amount. As far as the salary cap goes that’s probably a wise decision.

  12. nyctraffic says:

    His 8 sacks this year came late in the season and several were trash sacks against bad competition in one game. Nice guy but no eye of the tiger.

    I’m not sure that’s entirely fair. However, I did look at his stats. He had only 1.5 sacks in his first eight games and 6.5 in the last eight games. He had 1.5 sacks against NO, a total of 3 sacks in two game against CAR and one sack each against JAX and SF. Oddly enough he had zero sacks in two games against TB and another bagel in the other game against NO. It does look like he was mailing it in the first half until he realized he was playing for a contract.

    In his five years he averaged 7.5 sacks per year. I’m not sure that’s good enough for a guy who was drafted eighth. It does appear he has an effort problem.

  13. He was more like a fourth round talent. Teams say they don’t care when a guy was drafted , but they lie a lot. It’s called cover your butt. You wonder why coaches get annoyed with GM’s some times. They over-draft a guy and then blame the coaches for not getting the production they think the guy is capable of.

  14. A lazy bust! Quinn rewarded his lack of interest and production with a $12k plus gift contract last year. I still can’t believe Arthur Blank allowed that to happen. Quinn will join him after next season.

  15. Beasley, Stephone Anthony, Mackenzie Alexander, etc. All from that “vaunted” Clemson defense. All fat busts. The only one worth a damn was Grady Jarrett.

  16. Vic Beasley would be an aweome addition as a #2 pass rusher. I’f love to see Steve Keim pick Beasley up in free-agency on as the primary #2 across from Chandler Jones which would give Arizona arguably the best 1-2 pass rushing duo in the NFL… Guys like Robert Quinn and JPP are good for 9.0-12.0 sacks a s year & could be signed on the cheap for a #2 pass rusher at around $8.5 to $10M/YR

  17. It is not a great look for Beasley that an extended contract is a non-starter for the team that drafted him. He will be fine though as the league has a shortage and great need for pass rushers. He’ll be one of the first highly overrated FAs to sign this offseason.

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