Panthers officially release Greg Olsen

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Greg Olsen is a free agent.

Olsen, the longtime Carolina tight end who jointly announced with the Panthers last week that he and the team would go their separate ways, was officially released today, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

That makes him an unrestricted free agent who can start negotiating with teams immediately. Players whose contracts are expiring don’t become free agents until the new league year in March, but players who are released become free agents as soon as the transaction officially clears.

It’s unknown at this point whether Olsen will sign with anyone, as he has the option of working on television if he chooses to retire. But if he wants to keep playing, interested teams can start contacting him now.

21 responses to “Panthers officially release Greg Olsen

  1. he’s been washed up for a few years now but he can still contribute. gonzales, gates, and witten stuck around for a long time after their prime

  2. I can see the patriots going after him but it’s gonna take more than a 35 year old, beaten down Olsen to convince Brady to stay

  3. So, is it New England if Gronk doesn’t return?


    Yes! He could play hurt and still be better than any of their 2019 TEs.

    Gronk ain’t coming back. Did you see him at the pre-game ceremony yesterday? He’s dropped about 50 pounds at least.

  4. If he goes to the Pats he will be a cheaper 2nd TE. Watson is gone, and they can get rid of those 2 useless TE’s they have now to free up cap space. I don’t know if Olsen is a good blocker but he could be used for that, and a reliable veteran red zone target I’m sure he can still get a few TDs.

    For their TE1 they need to go after someone else though, Henry, Hooper, Eiffert even?

  5. After Kittle and Kelce were showcased last night, I’m not sure Olsen or Witten find a job with a contender. The future of the TE was on full display in the Super Bowl and through the playoffs.

  6. He would be a good upgrade for the packers but I suppose he wants to be paid money so that leaves him out, pack will keep Grahm and his walker instead

  7. He has played a total of 30 games out of 48 over the past three season and is 35 years old when the 2020/21 season starts. Not a recipe for success, the talent is there but his body is simply aging to the point where the ability to stay on the field is very low. He did manage the most games in any of the last 3 season in 2019/20 with 14, but that means he only played in half the games the prior two seasons. I would not want to take on the health risk he presents, as his name will demand higher money than his current performance supports.

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