Richard Sherman: We’re still a great defense, just didn’t execute


One of the biggest plays of the Chiefs’ comeback win in Super Bowl LIV came when Patrick Mahomes hit wide receiver Sammy Watkins for a 44-yard gain down the right sideline to set up Damien Williams‘ go-ahead touchdown catch.

Watkins beat 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman off the line on the play and Sherman wasn’t too descriptive about what went wrong on the play. He said Watkins “made a play” and Chiefs player making plays was the story of the fourth quarter as Kansas City posted 21 straight points en route to a 31-20 win.

That didn’t shake Sherman’s belief in the defense’s capabilities, however.

“We’re still a great defense. Just didn’t execute our game. . . . It was just mistakes — self-inflicted,” Sherman said.

The 49ers stopped making plays on both sides of the ball after taking a 10-point lead over the Chiefs, but Sherman said he didn’t think fatigue factored into the defense’s drop in effectiveness. Correcting whatever did lead to that drop will be an essential part of getting the 49ers ready for next season.

30 responses to “Richard Sherman: We’re still a great defense, just didn’t execute

  1. Richard Sherman : dont you ever talk about me!! Im the BEST!!!

    Richard Sherman : burned like this mornings toast.

    So glad to see Mr Legion of Gloom get lit on footballs biggest stage.

    Richard Sherman: all bluff and no stuff….all show and no go….

    dont worry Richard, youll always have your one and done dynasty to brag on.

  2. YOU GOT BEAT! Plain and simple, enough said. Take your lumps Richard and move onto the last stage of your career… forgettable….

  3. Did Dee Ford play…. I dont recall seeing him much? He didn’t jump offsides but didnt make any plays either.

  4. Hill juked him out of his shoes and Watkins blew by him even though Sherman was holding his Jersey. He was exposed – slow and weak. He needs to be called out.

    Oh, and I’m a Niners fan – Sherman needs to retire.

  5. Reid didn’t deserve it refs cheated and Shanahan lost the game bypassing points before the half had tons of time he Could have put up 7 points or at the very least 3 points before the half instead he ran out clock You need points to beat chiefs he’s a complete idiot.

  6. “We” didnt make plays Richard? Who was that got juked out of his socks? We? Who was it that let Watkins, not Hill, Watkins blow right by him? We?
    No Richard, you. The problem is you, not we.


    49ers Fans

  7. short zone corner. He can provide knowledge but on the field he will get exposed against good teams. He does not have the speed to hang with wrs or tes like a Kelce.

  8. They were an above average defense all year, not a great one. Reputation was helped by the fact that they have a young, emergentic, marketable DC that the cameras liked to go over to.

  9. If for any reason the Niners don’t want him back, I and much more than a few other Seahawk fans would welcome him back with open arms.

  10. Must be like ground hog day for Dick Sherman. He’s part of another defense that blew a 10 point lead with half a quarter left in the Super Bowl.

  11. 49ers lost as a team.

    The great D Line…Bosa is a stud and was double teamed. What are the excuses for Armstead, Buckner, Day, Ford not wrecking havoc?

  12. It was pretty clear that the egregious holding & pushing off that George Kittle got away with against the Vikings & Packers was a point the refs were looking for in the Super Bowl. When he couldn’t get away with putting his arms up under the defenders shoulder pads & lift him up by them or come out & block past 5 yards like a run then shove off the defender & catch the ball there went the 49ers run & pass game. He should’ve been called for that in both previous games but they allowed him to hold the whole time. That wasn’t allowed in the SB & you see the results.

  13. The only thing better than not seeing Tom Brady in the Super Bowl was seeing Richard Sherman getting burned. Actually more than once.

  14. I really don’t have a hate on for the Niners like i used to in the 90’s but i was super glad to see Sherman get burnt after all the yapping he has been doing lately that he is the best corner back ever…………..NOT!!!

  15. Ignorant Leftist says:
    February 3, 2020 at 12:52 am

    Two heartbreakers for Dick Sherman…bad karma and he’s a zone corner at this part of his career

    Might be time for him to make the switch to FS. He’s a fearless tackler and can read a play like a child’s book. He absolutely does not have the top end to keep up with any WR for more than a couple seconds. He relies (and has relied) very heavily on his D-line to ensure no Receiver/Qb has time for a double move. He’s a front-runner who struggles mightily in any kind of prolonged man-to-man coverage.

    Time for the switch or he’s going to continue to get burned downfield when QB’s have time to make throws.

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