Ron Rivera says Trent Williams is “still our guy”

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Trent Williams vowed “never to be a Redskin again” last season when he didn’t play a single snap for the team. But a lot has changed since then.

Team president Bruce Allen is gone, and the new head coach, Ron Rivera, has overhauled Washington’s medical staff.

So could Williams return in 2020?

“We’ve got to get Trent in,” Rivera told Larry Michael on Redskins Nation. “We’ve got to sit him down, see where he is, see how he is, health-wise, too. We have not really had the contact we need to have to know.”

Rivera’s comments go hand in hand with recent optimism out of Washington that Williams could return. The left tackle has one year left on his contract, which will pay him $14.75 million, but he has no guaranteed money left.

Washington could give Williams some guaranteed money to entice him back.

Williams’ presence certainly would help in Rivera’s efforts to give Washington its first winning season — and playoff berth — since 2015.

“He’s still our guy,” Rivera said.

Williams’ dissatisfaction with Allen and the team’s medical staff over the handling of a growth on Williams’ head led to a season-long dispute between Williams and the team.

8 responses to “Ron Rivera says Trent Williams is “still our guy”

  1. I seriously hope he forces them to trade him, because the guy deserves to go play for another franchise, and another coach that will give him the chance to compete for a Superbowl. Rivera has proven over the last decade that he’s not capable of delivering a team to the promised land. He had his shot when the Panthers were loaded, and Cam was in his prime, but he choked it away. His window stayed open for a long time when he had probably one of the best talents in the game in Cam Newton, but Ron FAILED to develop, or protect him properly, and that is what led to Rivera ultimately getting FIRED in Carolina. Now Newton is all washed up with a suspect shoulder and a dwindling skill set. So Trent should stick to his guns and look elsewhere if he’s interested in competing for the Lombardi

  2. Trent’s problem was initially with the inept Bruce Allen. When the team put him on the non-football injury list though, that brought the owner, Daniel Snyder, into the situation fully supporting Allen’s vindictive action.

    So now, Trent’s got a problem with Snyder too. Maybe he’ll come back, but it would be a hard pill for him to swallow. He certainly deserves better.

  3. If he is your guy, then I’m still divorced from the Redskins after 37 years of fandom. As long as Alice Smith is able to be on the roster, I want nothing to do with this worthless team.

  4. The problem isn’t Trent being their guy, it is that the Redskins aren’t his team. They have already proven that the players are nothing more than chattle, so why would he want to be their guy?

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