Tyreek Hill’s 44-yard reception on third-and-15 was play of the game

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The 49ers led 20-10 and had the Chiefs right where they wanted them: Third and long with only 7:13 remaining in the game.

Tyreek Hill, though, got wide open down the field.

It proved an easy throw and catch for a 44-yard gain that turned around the game.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes called it the play of the game.

“Yeah, I think it was the third-and-15 when we hit Tyreek down the field,” Mahomes said. “We were in a bad situation, especially with that pass rush. You knew those guys had their ears pinned back, and they were going to be rushing. I think the offensive line gave me enough time to throw a really deep route, and I just put it out there, and Tyreek made a really great play and so that got us going there. We were able to get it down there and score that drive and then got the ball back because the defense got a nice stop.”

The play was set up after 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan threw the red flag on a diving, 16-yard catch by Hill as the Chiefs were hustling to the line. The 49ers won the challenge as replay showed the ball hitting the ground as the Chiefs receiver tried to pull it in on a low throw.

It created a third-and-15 from the Kansas City 35. Hill’s catch set up the Chiefs at the San Francisco 21, and four plays later, they were in the end zone and within three points.

“That’s just one of our third-down calls, man. You know?” Hill said. “I’m our third-down, go-to guy, so Pat, he’s going to stretch me until I get open, man.”

Hill finished with nine catches for 105 yards.

6 responses to “Tyreek Hill’s 44-yard reception on third-and-15 was play of the game

  1. He complimented everyone from the 49ers defense to his offensive line to his receiver in that quote and completely kept the focus off himself. People can debate about his greatness or lack there of, im just happy he’s a Chief.

  2. most critical play of the game was not calling a time out on 4th down before a punt with 1:45 on the clock before halftime by SF who had all 3 timeouts left.

  3. Not a fan of either team… that was definitely the play of the game. They don’t get that they probably lose.

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