Cardinals adding CFL quarterback

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The Cardinals are adding another mobile quarterback to the mix.

According to Farhan Lalji of TSN, former Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Chris Streveler is signing with the Cardinals.

Streveler played at Minnesota and South Dakota before heading north of the border, and he led the Blue Bombers to the Grey Cup last season.

He was one of the top running quarterbacks in the league last year, with 726 yards and 12 touchdowns in 17 games, in addition to his eight passing touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

He helped Winnipeg to its first title in 29 years.

The Cardinals have Kyler Murray and Drew Anderson under contract. Backup Brett Hundley‘s set to become an unrestricted free agent, but has indicated he would like to return.

12 responses to “Cardinals adding CFL quarterback

  1. He was the Bombers backup. When their starter went down for the season and he took over as the full time starter, the Bombers went on a losing streak that dropped them from 1st place to almost out of playoff contention. They then traded for a new starting QB and Streveler went back to the bench and it saved the Bombers season. This is pretty baffling to me that he of all CFL QBs is getting a shot in the pros.

    With that said, he played a Taysom Hill-esque role on the Bombers while he was the backup, so I’m guessing that’s what Kingsburry sees in him?

  2. Get paid 5X as much as the CFL for 3 years and then 20X more, if you get a 2nd contract. But you only play in case of injury to Murray. I’d roll the dice, to try and make the team. He can always go back to Canada. He might even land on another team, if he’s the real deal. Easy decision.

    With Jackson and Murray it opens the door for anyone with something close to their skill set. Even Emmanuel Sanders and Edelman could back them up, if they weren’t great WR’s. You need a similar type back-up with their offenses being what they are. Not enough time to adequately prepare for 2 playbooks.

  3. What I remember from this guy’s time in Minnesota is he was a backup who had to start a game and they literally only allowed him to throw one pass the entire game. They did win, though. He’s a good athlete who isn’t known for his passing ability so I don’t think the Cardinals are expecting him to play a true quarterback role.

  4. I find this weird to say the least. I watch more cfl than I d like to admit. He had an interesting Grey Cup Game (Taysom Hillesque as one of the other commentators said) when the blue bombers were playing with 3 qbs on field together at certain times and it worked.

    Other than being a scout team qb who can emulate running qbs I m not sure what the cardinals are thinking.

  5. Cardinals should try to keep Brett Hundley as Murray’s backup. He didn’t play a lot last season but did a nice job when he played.

  6. Here’s all you need to know about Streveler — he couldn’t even start for the Minnesota Gophers (when they were lousy) and had to go to South Dakota to actually play.

  7. Chris has a bright future… in the cfl. He is a warrior and a tough runner but his passing is very suspect.

  8. As a CFL fan, he’s pretty awful at throwing the ball but is a good runner. As long as they aren’t relying on him to complete many passes it’s probably fine.

  9. He is just a Roster add at this point. Still a longshot to even make the team.

    Nothing more… Nothing less… if the Cards sign Hundley… this guy probably is practice squad at best.

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