Damien Williams may regret post-Super Bowl jersey swap

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Three years ago, Tom Brady had his Super Bowl jersey stolen. Two days ago, Damien Williams gave his away.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Chiefs running back was asked about the decision to engage in a post-game jersey swap with 49ers running back Raheem Mostert.

Via Sports Business Daily, Kimmel pointed out that “the jersey you gave him is worth a lot more than the jersey he gave you.”  Said Williams in response, “That’s funny you say that, because my mom was like, ‘Where’s your jersey at?'”

It’s at Mostert’s house, giving him a great artifact from a game that some think should have ended with Williams being the Super Bowl MVP. He had 133 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns: The game winner on a five-yard reception and the game-clincher on a 38-yard run.

Williams became Kansas City’s starting running back in November 2018, after the abrupt release of Kareem Hunt. He held the job even with the presence of LeSean McCoy, who was inactive for Super Bowl LIV.

25 responses to “Damien Williams may regret post-Super Bowl jersey swap

  1. I hope they value the sentiment more than the physical jerseys they ended up with. But if it were me, yeah – my own jersey from the peak moment of my professional career would be an instant family heirloom, worth something in dollars but priceless in other ways.

  2. The jersey swap thing has gotten ridiculous. What did Mostert do that would make someone want his jersey?

  3. I think it’s nice to see someone who isn’t only looking out for himself. These two guys have been buddies for a while. Both were generally overlooked coming out of college.

  4. Take a page from Lamar ‘Eli’ Jackson and have your handler rush out a box of jerseys so you don’t have to strip on the field and players can all leave each game with 20-30 jerseys like trick or treating.

  5. Mostert is a good guy. If kyle would have not been thinking about the 28-3 game, and just kept handing off they would have been fine. But he had to show he wasnt scared and put the game in the hands jimmy g who missed the wide open game winner by over throwing it. Mosterts Jersey would be the one worth the money. But jimmy g is over paid and mahomes is a young goat.

  6. infectorman says:
    February 4, 2020 at 12:32 pm
    Damien Williams! Who knew!?!

    Certainly no one in Miami

    he would have averaged about 2.1 yards per carry behind Miami’s OL this year.
    Williams was successful because 1) the chiefs can block 2) defenses have so much respect for mahomes

  7. I rodeoed as a young guy, including on our college rodeo team. I gave my spurs away to a college friend, sold my chaps to another friend, and all these many years later am not even sure who I gave my spurs too. Don’t forget this guy is relatively young. Lesson learned I am sure. This should all be set right by exchanging them back.

  8. ‘And here, in my man cave, is the jersey Damien Williams wore when he beat us in the Super Bowl.’

    To each his own, but I would have a different narrative…

    ‘And here, in my man cave, is the jersey I wore when I played in Super Bowl LIV.’

  9. I see no point in swapping jerseys. The team that is the opposition is the enemy.
    No, the team that is the opposition is just that – the opposition. They’re not enemies.

  10. Did someone really just compare this super bowl jersey transaction to their personal “rodeoing”? As if that’s a similar example?

  11. Who cares what it’s worth? Why does every decision People make have to be broken down financially. Mosterts his guy and they shared a cool moment. Enough said.

  12. Williams deserved the MVP but the Mahomes media hype made that impossible. Williams had a phenomenal game. Mahomes is an excellent QB but the 49ers made him look ordinary in the Super Bowl.

  13. Damien Williams was another player while at Miami that missed out on having a good offensive line. Very Happy for him that KC gave him an opportunity, His hard work paid off. Yes I think he was very worthy of MVP in the Super Bowl.

  14. Seems he got caught up in the moment and didn’t think too much before he gave something meaningful away. Understandable. Plenty of men make that mistake with engagement rings.

  15. There’s video of Williams going up to Mostert and giving a hug while the downtrodden Niners sulked down the tunnel after the game. It looked to me that they are good friends and I doubt either has regrets about the swap.

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