Eagles make changes to medical staff

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The Eagles dealt with a lot of injuries during the 2019 season and they’ve responded by making a couple of changes to the medical staff.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the team will be parting ways with director of high performance Shaun Huls and director of rehabilitation Shireen Mansoori.

Huls joined the team when former head coach Chip Kelly created a sports science program after being hired in 2013. Mansoori joined the team a couple of years ago after another shakeup that saw the team say goodbye to two doctors and their head trainer.

The Eagles lost more games to injuries than any team during the 2018 season and they went without key players for long stretches again in 2019. Executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said at the end of the season that “we have to figure out a way to get better here” and added that his department can help by doing more to avoid bringing in players with long injury histories.

5 responses to “Eagles make changes to medical staff

  1. With all of the old players the Eagles have that kept getting hurt they need to hire a faith healer to heal them and keep them healthy.

  2. It’s not the doctors fault as much as it is the individuals & their own conditioning in the off season. Players prone to injury always seem to keep signing big contracts. Not very often does a player who is always hurt & going on IR, year after year, start making it through the seasons year after year. I would concur with him that not signing player prone to injuries all the time is a first big step in reducing game losses due to injuries.

  3. I have been calling for changes to the medical staff all year.

    I thought Thank God as well, then I took a closer look at the changes.

    Last year the Eagles hired a chief medical officer, who is basically an outside consultant. Before any changes were made, he wanted to evaluate and observe the training staff, weight, and sports science staff.

    Now keep in mind the sports science side of things was cut way back after Kelly left. Ironically it was the one part of the team that was really working under his leadership. The few years Kelly was with the team, the Eagles had some of the fewest injuries.

    The reality is the chief medical officer was most likely brought in to justify moving back to a more traditional processes. The fact that it will probably save the team a lot of money played a part. Now will this help the Team stay healthy? It’s probably unlikely, they had already ditched most of the sports science anyway so this is much more about cutting a department they didn’t believe in than making the medical dept better.

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