Greg Olsen says his parting with the Panthers wasn’t really mutual

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In recent years, football teams that move on from certain employees (usually coaches) couch the decision as mutual. The Panthers recently did it tight end Greg Olsen. Olsen said Tuesday that it wasn’t really mutual.

“I told them all along that if they wanted me back . . . obviously I would have been back,” Olsen told WFNZ in Charlotte. “The ‘mutual parting’ might have been a little overblown. The reality was . . . they weren’t going to bring me back. . . . I understood it but I didn’t force my way out of here.”

Olsen, who was cut on Monday, already has drawn interest from Seattle, Buffalo, and Washington. He also has a standing offer to become a game analyst with FOX.

A first-round pick in 2007 of the Bears, Olsen spent four years in Chicago and nine with the Panthers. He turns 35 next month.

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  1. Greg sure has started talking a lot for a guy who has waffled on playing (at least being a reliable player) for the last couple of years.

    Listen I love the guy and what he stands for, but what is the real purpose in having a player back at 35 years old for $11 million a season?

  2. hes stunk for several years but honestly a lot of great tight ends and receivers arent great at the end but can still contribute . donald driver is the ultimate example spent his last years as the leagues best 5th option at receiver

  3. Martellus Bennett… Jimmy Graham… say, Green Bay, what’s one more aging tight-end who’s lost a step to take up $8 million a year on our roster?

  4. It certainly was “mutual” in that Carolina wasn’t going to pay what was left on the contract ($12m cap hit in 2020) and Olsen wasn’t going to take a pay cut.

  5. New coaching staffs usually have an “out with the old, in with the new” approach. I also wonder if they aren’t super thrilled with the time he spends being a commentary / media guy. I could be wrong but it might take up a good amount of his time and the coaches want someone 100% dedicated to the team.

  6. Not surprised. David Tepper bought the team and thinks due to his success as a hedge fund manager, he should have success in the NFL. Got rid of a decent coach for a high paid, unproven college coach and trashed his veterans away. Great culture.

  7. At the right price, he’d be a perfect signing for any team looking for a reliable short-term contributor AND mentor for a young, up-and-coming TE contingent a la Knox/Sweeney in Buffalo.

  8. He won’t make as much as he was “contracted” to make this coming season with the Panthers, regardless on if/where he signs. He will make more than he can get in the booth on radio/TV. He can contribute, but as far as being the lead TE, those days are likely behind him.

    I would like Seahawks to take a good look and see if he can be of value. If so, make him a fair offer. His experience, talent, and character could help out in an area of need.

  9. Greg Olsen IS a potential hall of fame caliber tight end and likely eventually should be enshrined. He has great numbers receiving from Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, Taylor Heinecke, Kyle Allen, Will Grier…… Not premier passers. I’m guessing a year or two receiving from a better thrower will pad the numbers before hitting the broadcast booth. He’ll be missed in Carolina.

  10. To me, Olsen looks like a top notch WW2 General heading for 5 stars. Strong jaw line and laser focus.

    Good thing he *looks* like he has laser focus, because he’s been anything but laser focused on football since 2015 or so.

  11. Anytime I read or hear about different parties reaching a mutual agreement I pretty much assume that it’s simply sugar coating, similar to whenever I read/hear about someone saying it’s not about the money, OK, sure.

  12. Take the Fox gig, Greg — PLEASE! —- this way if Jason Witten decides to retire again, it will be one less job opening in the booth and we don’t have to listen to his awful analysis anymore.

  13. At 34 Olsen had more catches on the exact same number of targets as all of the Bills’ TEs combined.

    He had 2 TDs tying Knox for the most and contrasted with 4 from all four Bills’ TEs.

    He had the same number of yards as all four Bills’ TEs. 597 vs. 602.

    His catch % was 7.3% higher than all four Bills’ TEs combined. Only Lee Smith (5 targets/4 catches) had a higher catch %.

    I’ll take him.

  14. “I wonder how much of the 12 mil cap hit will stay on the books this year. The ‘cut ” may be justified but cap hit and what a player was going to make is in some cases light years apart.If Brady does not play for the caps this year his cap ” hit ” will be over 10 mil..

  15. Not sure but he did rank above Noah Fant this year at Football Outsiders. But 2 far better TE, Hunter Henry & Austin Hooper & Austin Hooper who we should target. Dump Jeff Heureman please.

  16. The Panthers have a new owner, so he’s not as excited about what the players have done in the past. He’s looking toward the future. The new owner wants to win, and he’s confident that’s what the fans want too. I’m still waiting for the big news story. Stay tuned.

  17. Panther fans need to deal with the fact there is a new (rich) sheriff in town – Tepper. He knows they’ll never contend in the NFC w/ Olsen or Cam, so he wants them gone. That’s about $30+ mill less he has to pay for guys who are way past their primes.

  18. Respects to Ben Watson, but he’d have to be better than any of the stiffs in New England last year.

  19. “charliecharger says: February 4, 2020 at 6:23 pm: The Panthers have a new owner, so he’s not as excited about what the players have done in the past.”

    As it should be. This is a business. Every single position on that roster is important and the guys are expected to contribute. There isn’t room for nostalgic past-their-prime players on the team. That’s just the way it is nowadays, in every business. Harsh but true.

  20. Olsen would fit in real nice here in Denver with Noah Fant. He would be TE2 and a mentor to Fant. With Lock looking like the real deal and Pat Shurmur’s 2 TE passing schemes, it’s the perfect fit.

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