Johnathan Abram believes Raiders learned from “throwing it all away” in 2019

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The Raiders were 6-4 heading into a road game against the Jets in Week 12 of the 2019 season, but things would go way off the rails from there.

They lost 34-3 in New Jersey, lost again in Kansas City the next week and went on to lose five of their final six games to end their final season in Oakland with a losing record. First-round pick Johnathan Abram wasn’t on hand for those games because he tore his rotator cuff in the season opener, but he believes he and other young players on the team got an important lesson in the process.

“We just have to get better week in and week out,” Abram said, via Vic Tafur of “And we have to stay healthy. That may have been our biggest issue last year. We have a lot of talent. Some people may have thought our rookie class was a surprise, but not me. I knew what we were all capable of. We may have had some success that we weren’t ready for, and ended up throwing it all away. But we are a young team and we learned from that.”

Abram expects to be back on the field as he says he’s 90 percent recovered well ahead of the team’s offseason program. That will return him to a young core that also includes Josh Jacobs, Maxx Crosby, Clelin Ferrell and Hunter Renfrow.

The team also has six picks in the first three rounds this year and hitting with a similar rate as last year would give them a promising start to life in Las Vegas.

17 responses to “Johnathan Abram believes Raiders learned from “throwing it all away” in 2019

  1. Even with all the injuries to the rookies, it’s clear that Mayock absolutely nailed the last draft.

    He crushed it.

  2. Fix the pass defense, it’s been garbage for YEARS, get Carr a #1 WR and they’ll be fine

  3. I worked with a guy who always had a grand plan he was building. He had tons of analysis to show what he was doing and why it would transform the company once implemented. He gave regular updates. He would tweak the plan with fabulous new additions that he demonstrated would eventually produce even better results once the plan was up and running. Always something new and extremely valuable to add to the plan. He was eventually fired after five years because he couldn’t put a bow on it and call it done.

    I can’t imagine an NFL tram giving that much time to a coach. Chuckle is living off something from 20 years ago and he’s got a lot of people fooled into thinking he can still be relevant. The Raiders are going nowhere with him, but at least we’ll get to hear lots about his plan.

  4. Even with all the injuries to the rookies, it’s clear that Mayock absolutely nailed the last draft.

    He crushed it.
    Yah, we had a super championship draft as reflected by yet another losing season. We are the Paper Champions of the World and we dig it!

  5. Tatupu was a real gem, if you needed a yard he got you a yard.

    If you needed 4 yards he got you a yard.

  6. I was at that Jets game, and not only was embarrassed as Hell but also got bronchitis from sitting in the cold rain watching the Raiders tank in the cold weather. What did I learn? Not to go to any more Raiders games on the East Coast past October. They better hope they play all their games in the desert or else learn to play in the cold.

  7. Right now Abram is just a scrub. A bust. The player couldn’t make it through camp and into the regular season. I’m not sure why he even has a microphone in front of his mouth. I’m sure the fans of his team team would like to see him make it into the field and, ya know, contribute before he says anything else.

  8. your a patriot fan, what do you know about scrubs…..

    enjoy your season ending pick 6 and chew on that for the offseason. Along with your tommy boy inability to turn the clock around.

  9. The Raiders played way beyond my expectations of Gruden’s coaching during the first 10 games and I didn’t object when Gruden was being mentioned at the time as a potential Coach of the Year candidate. But they played to the level I expected from a Gruden coached team during the last 6 games when they went 1-5.

    Overall, the 7-9 final record was better than the 4 or 5 wins that I expected before the 2019 season. However, I highly doubt that the Raiders will exceed that (let alone match it) in 2020. If Del Rio was still the HC my expectations would be higher than they currently are with Gruden.

    I’ll also add that if Gruden & Son-of-Al are moronic enough to replace Carr with a way-over-the-hill Brady, then I’ll project 4 or 5 wins at most for this year.

  10. I’m genuinely concerned that Abram’s over aggressive play- while beautiful to watch- could lead to an injury riddled and a potential unfulfilled career.

  11. This team won’t compete with Carr. He has problems beating scrub teams. And because of that we continue to be scrubs. Your QB can’t be freightened that’s where we should start rebuilding.

  12. Carr on his own isn’t a top tier QB but he’s not a terrible QB either. His performance level is as good or as bad as the coaching he receives. Which speaks well of Bill Musgrave but not so well of Todd Downing & Gruden.

    I can almost guarantee that if Carr leaves the Raiders and goes to a team with good offensive coaching and decent weapons that he’ll finish in the top 10 and probably guide his team to the playoffs.

  13. I like this kid’s potential, but the ability I wanna see from him is availABILTY. You can’t make a 1st round impact from the bench or IR. Can’t wait to see what he brings for a whole season

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