Super Bowl LIV was most-watched Super Bowl ever in Canada

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Super Bowl LIV was the most-watched Super Bowl ever in Canada.

The game, which was broadcast on CTV, TSN and RDS in Canada, reached an average audience of 9.5 million viewers.

The peak audience reached 12.1 million, during the halftime show.

The Super Bowl audience was the largest for any broadcast in Canada during the 2019-2020 television season. It topped the 7.7 million Canadians who watched the Toronto Raptors clinch the NBA Finals last year, and more than doubled the 3.9 million Canadians who watched the Grey Cup last year.

16 responses to “Super Bowl LIV was most-watched Super Bowl ever in Canada

  1. There it is in black and white, the Super Bowl drew nearly double that of the Grey Cup.

    The CFL is bush league and this is a world class city, bring on the NFL but don’t bring the Bills here, we don’t want them.

  2. In the province of Québec the ratings almost doubled compared to last year because of Laurent Suvernay-Tardif’s presence with the Chiefs.

  3. What does it say about a certain segment of the US population when Canadians are overall more sophisticated and compassionate than we are? In Canada you don’t have to worry about dying because you can’t afford health care. Canadians are friendly and welcoming to foreigners, while we have some isolationists who would wall up our country and continue to wallow in xenophobia.

  4. Wow, I didn’t realize the Chiefs Guard DR. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif had that much pull. I did know that he was swarmed by French speaking Canadian reporters after the game.

  5. > Shame on you Canadians. Grey Cup is better.

    Sorry, 3 down football is far too predictable. If you think the NFL is a pass-heavy league, tune into the CFL sometime.

  6. I don’t for a minute believe that viewership went UP during the halftime show. Most people/parties I know of ignored halftime. Some outright changed the chanel.

  7. Good I hope all the Canuks saw how bias the terrible officiating was in this game. NFL wanted their feel good darling boy story, and they made sure it happened. Hey NFL call illegal hits when they happen and call holding on the Chiefs offensive line when it happens every other play. Chiefs should have had 80yds in holding penalties alone.

  8. @dwg05 The Super Bowl ratings are so high because it gets non football fans to watch it. Many of my female friends tune in just to see the halftime show. It’s not very surprising it’s ratings were very good.

  9. They watched because it was a very good game between
    two great teams and organizations. Shakira and J-Lo helped.

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