The mystery of Bill Belichick’s rings at the Super Bowl

Getty Images

When introduced before Super Bowl LIV as a coach of the NFL’s all-time team, Patriots coach Bill Belichick raised his hands and flashed a trio of rings. So which of his eight Super Bowl rings did he display?

Chris Simms instantly recognized the Super Bowl XXI ring that Belichick won as defensive coordinator of the Giants (Simms’ father, Phil, has one). On Belichick’s right hand was last year’s ring won by the Patriots, their sixth. The last one isn’t one of the other Patriots’ rings, and Belichick’s spokespeople are remaining mum on the subject.

If it’s a Super Bowl ring, the only other ring it could be would be the Super Bowl XXV ring, won in one of the all-time upsets when the Giants beat the Bills, 20-19.

Regardless, Belichick has earned eight Super Bowl rings. And he’s not done yet.