Art Rooney II: Steelers may sign a WR or RB, we’re good with the QBs we have

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Steelers President Art Rooney II says his team could use some offensive playmakers but won’t go shopping for a quarterback this offseason.

Rooney said today that Ben Roethlisberger is making progress in recovery from last year’s season-ending elbow injury, and the Steelers feel good about the backup quarterbacks they have on the roster.

“We are in the process now of preparing for free agency,” Rooney said, via “The new league year starts on March 18. There is nothing we can do between now and then other than prepare for it. We’ll be looking for opportunities if we can to add a player we think can help us, whether it’s a wide receiver or running back. I am not sure about quarterback, whether we’ll have an opportunity to sign anybody. I think we are pretty comfortable with the people we have on the roster right now in terms of Ben and Mason [Rudolph] and I think we will have Duck [Devlin Hodges] and Paxton Lynch participating and competing in camp and things like that this year.”

Rooney mentioning wide receiver or running back may be an indication that he wants to reassure fans who thought the Steelers didn’t do enough to account for the losses of Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. But at quarterback, the plan for 2020 is to stick with what they had in 2019 — but hope Roethlisberger stays healthy.

26 responses to “Art Rooney II: Steelers may sign a WR or RB, we’re good with the QBs we have

  1. In Art Rooney I trust him to let the football people deal with it.


    Steelers fan

  2. My goodness, as a Steelers fan, I really hope he’s making an attempt to throw the competition off the scent. There’s absolutely no guarantee BR’s surgery will hold up, and after a year off, he will probably be rusty as heck. IDK about signing a free agent, but once you get past Ben, the pickins look really slim from my angle.

  3. That have a small prayer in Rudolph. Hodges isn’t even XFL material. Connor is a walking infirmary in his last contract yr – they need a solid RB badly.

  4. Why would he tell everyone they’re looking for a QB? He played this right. He is not going to tell the truth before the draft.

  5. Both QB’s coming off the bench last year gained starter experience. You guys in the burg are gonna be fine. Ben or not, Ya’ll did good. Draft defense, free agent running back. Too many injuries this year. From down the Ohio river, Pittsburg looks like a really good team to me.

  6. >That have a small prayer in Rudolph. Hodges isn’t even XFL material. Connor is a walking infirmary in his last contract yr – they need a solid RB badly.

    Kareem Hunt.

  7. RB is mandatory, Art. Connor can’t be counted on consistently. Better look at TE, too.

    The Steelers had some of the league’s worst quarterbacking and still almost made the playoffs. If Roethlisberger has anything left they might grab the #2 seed next season.

  8. I think Art Rooney needs to look at last years games again as far as back up Quarterbacks, because there’s no guarantee’s that big Ben is going to be 100% having had that type of surgery. I think he needs they need to find a QB that’s hungry and explosive. In the RB and WR area, I do agree it could use some help also.

  9. Mason Rudolph is a good QB and he’ll get better. They all do. Thinking back to the early years of Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, and Steve Young, I have no problem with what the Steelers are doing. Mr. Rooney has definitely been around long enough and he’s obviously been paying attention. What if all those teams would have gave up on those young struggling QB’s? Tampa Bay gave up on Young, but the others went into the HOF wearing the jerseys of the teams that drafted them, and stuck with them while they grew up. The Rooney’s got their first four Lombardi Trophies by being patient with Terry Bradshaw. Mr. Rooney walks past those trophies every day.

  10. If the Steelers don’t immediately put a plan in place to replace Big Ben, ownership and management should be charged with malpractice. It’s also amusing to hear Steelers fans put the same faith in Art II that was earned by old Art and Dan Rooney. BIG mistake.

  11. These are not your fathers Rooneys
    Dude could care less about winning
    He provides little to no accountability
    to his staff and especially his coaches

    Tomlin is going to get back in the lab
    and have a whole new vocabulary of
    catch phrases to use on the fans in 2020

  12. Finally acknowledgement that the Pittsburgh made a grave mistake trading Bell and AB.
    Hope they finish in last for years.

  13. I agree 100% Ben will be back next season. The Steelers WR, RB and TE was among the worst ranked in Steelers’ history. They were also 4th ranked in dropped passes. They need to add one veteran WR as well as draft one and they should use a higher round pick to draft a FAST RB. They’ve got plenty of slow ones. IF they can upgrade the TE position they should do that to.

  14. I’m sure Little Ben can come back and lead the Steelers to another 8-8 season.

  15. WR was a problem last year and might have been why these backup QBs struggled at times. Better run game and WR and you won’t even need Ben back, but guess what Ben is coming back. This team will be fine.

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