Browns hope league reinstates Myles Garrett for start of season

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett remains indefinitely suspended after hitting Mason Rudolph in the head with the quarterback’s own helmet. But the NFL allowed Garrett back in the Browns’ training complex in December.

Garrett will meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell soon, according to a recent report, and it is expected that Goodell will fully reinstate Garrett before the start of the season.

The former No. 1 overall choice missed the final six games as punishment.

“Certainly, our hope is for Myles to be reinstated,” new Browns General Manager Andrew Berry said Wednesday. “Obviously, I was part of drafting him here previously. Obviously, this fall he made a huge mistake, but we know who Myles is a person, and we look forward to welcoming him back.”

Videos have surfaced on social media of Garrett hard at work training since his suspension.

Garrett, 24, has 30.5 sacks in 37 career games. He made the Pro Bowl in 2018 and no doubt would have done the same this season if not for losing his cool in Week 11.

10 responses to “Browns hope league reinstates Myles Garrett for start of season

  1. His punishment should be no less than 1/2 of a season. That means at least two more games. If it were up to me he’d miss 16 games. His punishment should be so severe that no one ever again attempts what he did.

  2. I bet they do wish they had him back but is that the message the NFL/Goodell wants to send? It’s just a short suspension if you use a helmet as a deadly weapon.

  3. xbam says:
    February 5, 2020 at 7:07 pm
    maybe he should admit he lied about the racial slur accusation first…


    I totally agree. For him to come up with such a lie, is a proof he was not a bit contrite about his criminal behavior on the field.

  4. Before the 2018 draft, Garrett was the guy who stated publicly that the team didn’t need to draft Bradley Chubb, saying they were ok with the personnel they had.
    What kind of respect did he show to Chubb by doing so? Garrett was in fact saying: I am the king here, and I don’t give a damn about improving our pass rush with another early first round pick.
    All this, while Von Miller was praising publicly to draft him. I brought this fact, to give more insight about the mindset of mister sackmaster in garbage time. The devil is in the details.

  5. I’d say 16 games minimum and I’d like to see be until the start of the 2021 season to really send the message home, that’d sink in a lot deeper, letting him start next season would only be 6 games doesn’t send nearly strong enough of a message!

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