Derrius Guice hopes to prove he’s not “soft”

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In a few brief moments, Derrius Guice has proven he can be a productive back in the NFL.

The problem has been those moments are far too brief.

The Washington running back told Matthew Paras of the Washington Times he’s hoping to be more available, after knee injuries limited him to five games in his first two seasons.

“The main thing is getting through games healthy,” Guice said. “I’ve been a practice all-American so far. I’m trying to bring that to the field. . . .

“When it comes to constantly being injured and . . . knowing how tough you are, but everybody else is looking at you as just soft who can’t stay on the field, it’s gonna frustrate you. You just have to realize where you are and realize where they are in a sense.

“It’s always the people behind you talking the loudest.”

Guice suffered a torn ACL in his rookie preseason, came back for last year’s opener only to suffer a meniscus tear which required surgery, and upon returning from IR, his season ended again with an MCL injury.

When he played, he averaged 5.8 yards per carry, which makes it natural to want to see him more often.

Washington brought a new training and medical staff in with coach Ron Rivera, and Guice hopes that helps, and he’s been spending time at the team facility rehabbing instead of traveling this offseason. He said he anticipates he’ll be 100 percent by the start of OTAs in the spring.

9 responses to “Derrius Guice hopes to prove he’s not “soft”

  1. Pulling for this guy, it sucks that injuries can end promising careers. He’s a great player who just needs better luck.

  2. Soft? This guy is anything but soft. Frank Gore went in the 3rd round because he blew out a knee in college, not because he was soft. If Frank Gore is soft, then being soft is a good thing.

  3. He’s not a great player, he was a great college player which doesnt mean crap in the NFL. In the NFL he has proved to be an injury prone player with potential.
    samapoc says:
    February 5, 2020 at 7:47 am
    Pulling for this guy, it sucks that injuries can end promising careers. He’s a great player who just needs better luck.

  4. How can people be calling him soft when he’s had 3 major injuries to fight through? A torn ACL= nobody’s playing through that, meniscus tears can cause the knee to lock up at any time so idk where all these critiques are coming from

  5. There is nothing soft about Guice. He plays hard nose football. The problem is his knees weren’t built for football.

  6. When a player says it’s “dirty and a cheap shot to tackle me at the legs because defenders should know my injury history” then he is SOFT!

    Derrius Guice could definately get a Charmin Ultra-Soft endorsement deal.

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