Jimmy Garoppolo will use fourth quarter breakdown as offseason fuel

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Blame can be apportioned in many areas after the 49ers failed to hold onto a 10-point fourth quarter lead against the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV and some of it has been fixed to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Garoppolo was 3-of-11 for 36 yards and an interception as the Chiefs rattled off 21 straight points to win the game. That spoiled what had been an efficient outing for the quarterback. Garoppolo was at the team’s facility on Wednesday and spoke to reporters about falling short and using it as motivation over the coming months.

“If you just look at the stats like that, yeah, it is what it is,” Garoppolo said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “As an offense, as a team, we’ve been in that situation multiple times and answered the bell. It’s tough that one time you didn’t. But that’s what people remember, that’s the world we live in and you just have to own up to it and be a man about it. It will fuel us in this offseason, fuel me especially in this offseason, to come back better.”

Garoppolo said he expects that fuel to be part of “a more productive offseason” than he had while recovering from a torn ACL last year. He believes that will “only help” the offense improve after it fizzled out at a crucial moment.

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  1. The gig is up with Garoppolo. As some of the Clara faithful get over the burn from Sunday, I’m sure they will tell us all about his still great overall starting record. It’s kinda like Cowboy fans telling us Dak deserves to be the highest paid QB this offseason. Whatever keeps that fire burning-

  2. The interception was the last play of the game so we can’t count that. G didn’t have a bad game, and was actually pretty accurate.

  3. Very good perspective and healthy attitude. Shanahan should do the same. Sherman should quiet down and follow suit.

  4. I would not blame Jimmy.
    I blame the media for assuming Jimmy as elite.
    Jimmy is not elite.
    Jimmy is unproven.
    Jury is still out on Jimmy.

  5. He can dissect the film all he wants but there’s not much you can do when your line can’t handle the pressure the Chiefs were bringing. The attack was relentless.

  6. I don’t know, but I was expecting the 49ers to keep running the ball. I suppose the Chiefs started to shut down the run in the 3rd quarter, though…

  7. His head coach doesn’t trust him and he’s been around a lot of good QBs. I don’t believe the Niners can win a SB with this guy. Too much of his production is the result of scheme and a strong running game. He can’t carry a team, the teams carries him. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in their locker room, after that game, there weren’t a few or more stink eyes cast Jimmy G’s way.

  8. When you don’t have the legs of Lamar Jackson, the arm angles of Patrick Mahomes, the accuracy of Aaron Rodgers, the size and toughness of Ben Roethlisberger, or the intelligence of Tom Brady…

    …then you need the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver strikes like Drew Brees, rain snow or shine, in the 1st quarter or the 4th quarter. Statue pocket passers are a dying breed, and even competent ones are dropping like flees these days.

  9. Funny. Mahomes isn’t using his dreadful third quarter as fuel to pull himself off the turf. But then again, 49er cupcake defense – the one that we’ve been told was superior to anything on the face of the earth – couldn’t stop him when it mattered. I think Joey G needs to develop a killer instinct. He has a whole game of underwhelming play when it mattered.

  10. But but Jimmy shows he can throw TDs when needed…half of his TDs came from the bottom 10 defenses (AZ, Cleveland, Cincy). Aside from the one game at NO Jimmy was mediocre, carried by the run game and defense.

  11. For those saying Jimmy G didn’t have a bad game – maybe if you just look at the statline or most of the 1st half stuff. But when it came down to pressure and clutch situations, he did not deliver at all. He was off all 4th quarter, folded under pressure, stared down receivers and kept going for the checkdown, missing Sanders on that deep throw and then not even looking at Kittle on like 4 separate occasions in the 4th.

    Trent Dilfer would’ve won this game.

  12. Offseason fuel to lobby for a new coach? Because it’s a repeatable pattern now–Kyle Shanahan freezes up when ahead in the 4th quarter and totally falls apart.

  13. What position does Jimmy G play on the #1 D that gave up 21 points in the last 10 mins, or whatever it was? Is he Mahomes? No. Nobody is right now. But JG is taking way too much heat for this. KC brought a lot of pressure. Play calling was suspect. Not a lot was there, and JG started forcing things. He wasn’t great, but plenty of blame goes around. He’s a good QB that has more upside. Love the fat couch potatoes that use the term ‘choke’.

  14. I hate the term system QB for many reasons but Jimmy is a guy who plays within his system and as we saw – crumbles when the system breaks down.

    Compare that to guys like Brady and Montana who are/were labelled with that term but have proven they can elevate their system and make it better than it actually is. They are their system. Jimmy is a game manager within his.

  15. He is always good for one or two terrible decisions a game. That’s why he throws so many picks.

  16. A very, very average QB. In the Dalton, Stafford, Cam Newton mold. Prob is, you gotta pay these 10-20th ranked QBs in the league $30mill a yr. Goff, Wentz, Mayfield, Josh Allen, Winston, etc are the next young wave of pedestrian passers eating up cap space. Jackson will be the next one to get $30mil, in 2021,for running around throwing scattershot.

  17. People must have watched different game. Chiefs defense was dominating in 4th quarter. Passs rushers were in his face all the time and he was sacked plus ball was tipped few times. I do not care who is QB. When offensive line cannot protect, no one can pass the ball. None of that would matter though if defense would not give up two touchdowns in 5 min. Blaming Matt Ryan for 28-3 debacle is same. It would not have mattered if their defense could stop one drive. Brady toyed with that defense in last 10 min. And tell me again who are Jimmy receivers agains? Yep, one rookie, one came few months ago. 49ers needs to take a hard look at themselves.

  18. I mean 49er defense needs to take a hard look at themselves. And what about coach? Who calls a 40 yarder On 3rd and 10 when biggest game was on line? His desire to become hero or be called genius overtook common sense. That play in that situation should not be called in a backyard game. At best 1 in 5 of those get completed. Kyle needs to hire a offensive coordinator and focus on big picture

  19. There was a QB in the SB with a $137.5m contract but I didn’t see him at all. How can the niners justify Jimmy making that kind of money? The niners don’t have much cap room or a top 10 pick this year so things may get rough for them.

  20. The coach choked that game away. He quit doing what got them there in crunch time. He blinked, and Andy didn’t.

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