Le’Veon Bell on Adam Gase: Everybody blows things out of proportion

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Le'Veon Bell‘s first season with the Jets was unsuccessful on the field and it played out with a narrative that head coach Adam Gase didn’t particularly want him on the roster.

Bell signed with the Jets when Mike Maccagnan was still the team’s General Manager, but Maccagnan was fired before last season and reports that Gase didn’t want to sign Bell popped up throughout the year. That led to chatter about the team trying to trade the running back this offseason, but Bell downplayed any issues between him and the coach.

“Everybody blowing everything out of proportion,” Bell said, via TMZ. “Water under the bridge — we’re fine. We good . . . Jets for four more years unless something drastic changes.”

Bell’s actually under contract for three more years and it becomes possible for the Jets to move on without hurting their cap too much after the 2020 season. There’s a lot to play out before reaching that point and that makes it likely that this won’t be the last time we check in on the relationship between Bell and Gase.

19 responses to “Le’Veon Bell on Adam Gase: Everybody blows things out of proportion

  1. I agree Bell.
    If Brady had the day Mahomes had Sunday, 2 picks, 78 rating, missing throws, wide open dudes when completed, benefitting from 3rd down PI, benefitting from Kittles OPI, benefitting from Kyle Shanahan, people would be permanently rear-hurt state.
    Instead, it’s “omg Mahomes is the greatest”

  2. Bell is a major talent and is wasting away on horrible Jets.
    He should demand a trade to a contender especially if they dont want or respect him.

  3. These backs underestimate being behind a good line and a good system that knows how to use them. Then they are shocked when they move on to a different team and their production is just a fraction of what it used to be. They will never learn.

  4. Le’Veon should really be questioning why the Jets hired a self proclaimed really bad head coach that simply can’t coach. Tannehill becomes comeback player of the year without Gase coaching him, have to wonder if all those years at Miami was just a really moronic, horrible coach in Gase. But the Jets jumped at hiring a proven loser coach. Darnold really needs to look at what Gase did to Tannehill and demand a trade or for the Jets to get a new coach.

  5. They will find a sucker for him and his bloated contract if they want too…the Ravens did it with Flacco’s and his boat anchor of a contract.

  6. Le’veon was offered more by the Steelers but he refused and sat out a year. He is now past his prime and will not ever be on a winning team.

  7. Trade him, if anyone wants him. The Jets have way too many holes to have an $8.5M running back. Time and time again we see how, outside of maybe 5 guys, running backs are fairly interchangeable.

  8. Paying a RB big money on a second contract rarely helps a team. Sucks for the players but that’s just reality.

  9. I wonder if he changes his tune when the Jets don’t improve their O line in the draft or free agency?

  10. The people saying ‘trade him’…do they mean offer him and a decent draft pick to a team to take on his contract? With that contract, who would want him?

  11. “We good . . . Jets for four more years unless something drastic changes.”

    I’m guessing math is not Bell’s strong suit. He signed a 4 year, $53 mil contact at the start of the 2019 season. He’s played one year of that, so 4-1=3.

  12. He’s played one year of that, so 4-1=3.


    So help us out here. Would 4-1 still = 3 if his contract was for $54 mil?

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