NFLPA meeting Thursday to further discuss 17-game proposal

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The NFL and NFL Players Association has negotiated a proposal labor deal based on 17 games. Now, the NFLPA simply needs to accept the proposal.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the NFLPA Executive Committee and board of player representatives will meet on Thursday to further discuss the proposal. Per Maske, a vote is “possible but not definite.”

Translation: A vote will happen only if NFLPA leadership believes it has the votes to advance the proposal to the full membership for an up-or-down, simple-majority vote. To do that, at least two thirds of the 32 players reps must endorse the proposal.

At this point, the NFLPA doesn’t know how the process will end. If it ends without the NFLPA accepting the proposal — and with the NFLPA trying to get the league to sweeten the deal — things could get interesting. The league, under the impression that the deal will be accepted by the union, may say to the NFLPA negotiators that the deal won’t be enhanced. The question then becomes whether the union takes the deal now, later in 2020, or at some point after the 2020 season, possibly after another offseason lockout.

Ultimately, the players lack the will to miss games and game checks. Absent that weapon in the labor-relations arsenal, the union needs to be ready to take the best deal it can get.

The NFLPA could, in theory, decide to dig in and fight. That could mean a season without football in 2021 and, in turn, the delayed finalization of new TV deals that will make everyone a lot richer.

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  1. How does 17 games work? who gets the extra home game….thus an advantage by one game? Now Teams play 8 home and 8 away games. 17 New England gets 9 home games and Buffalo gets 8. How does the NFL now determine tiebreakers ?

  2. 16 games are enough. We all like watching players play at a high level and it’s obviously difficult for many to do so over the course the regular season, so why jeopardise their ability to maintain that standard by adding an extra game (I know $$$)? Giant’s fans had zero enjoyment this year when watching Saquon fight through his high ankle sprain. With the addition of an extra game fans are more than likely going to see more legitimate injuries & maybe some not so legitimate injuries. I prefer quality over quantity and I’m worrying that the NFL is trending towards the latter. Maybe a few less seats filled, or TVs tuned when the stars retire early and/or the players are simply too beat up to compete the right way.

  3. My idea: increase the schedule to 17 games (seems inevitable anyway?), but have each player be active for only 16. Would increase strategy exponentially while granting each player a second “bye” week in-season. You’d rotate the 8 game day inactives, so you’d also get to see all 53 players on the roster play at least one game. Some of the decisions to sit players for a week would come down to injuries but otherwise it would be intriguing re: which game does the starting QB sit?

  4. The majority of NFL players aren’t on mega contracts. Way above average salary yes but it’s not like they’re set for life and never have to work again. Those guys aren’t sitting out a year and the owners know it.

  5. interesting, if this goes through, how will the players react? The physical brutality of the game gets to them, and that thing where a player can only play 16/17 games? That will cause schedule manipulation, and it wouldn’t be good for business. Just improve roster and gameday size, and make filtering out QB’s a little more common maybe (like one series a game, or something like that).

  6. 16 games feels like enough.
    And if the NFL is really serious about making claims of player safety being a priority, why are they even just thinking of doing this?
    No way that is just propaganda put out by them for concerned fans.

  7. They won’t let it get to the point of no football for 2021. The league wanted 18 games originally, I’m guessing this a middle ground type of deal.

  8. joe4610 says:
    February 5, 2020 at 9:39 pm
    How does 17 games work? who gets the extra home game….thus an advantage by one game? Now Teams play 8 home and 8 away games. 17 New England gets 9 home games and Buffalo gets 8. How does the NFL now determine tiebreakers ?
    London geta the extra home game…

  9. We know the owners don’t care about player safety. But if the players accept this offer…we know they don’t care about player safety either.

    They should be trying to reduce the number of games, not increase them!

  10. That must be the other thing is that it will be London, Mexico City, Rio, Toronto, etc for the other game

  11. From a fan’s perspective, the league is set up perfectly now. By perfectly I mean, the schedule, divisions, & playoffs. It all makes for easy math, & makes sense. I would be REAL hesitant to disturb the balance of the game at this point.

    16 games, 8 home, 8 away makes sense. Adding one game won’t improve the integrity of the game at all. It will only create more $$$. <–they hope.

    The league makes ridiculous money now. Don't let greed ruin, or water down, a product many enjoy as is. A 16 game season with the potential of up to 4 more post season games, is brutal enough.

    Adding even a single additional game, will upset the game noticeably. We as fans, don't need or want a 17th regular season game. I would suggest polling would be very much against the idea.

  12. It’s about time!

    Season ticket owners: rejoice! At least one of the meaningless exhibitions will be terminated from your annual invoice!

    TV watchers rejoice: Two more weeks on the couch as the 17th game plus 2nd bye week extend regular season to 19 weeks.

    90% of NFL players rejoice: big pay raise coming via the extra revenue. Expect to see most of the players’ pot go out to the minimum wage earners.

    NFL fans in London, Toronto, San Diego, St Louis, Mexico City, San Antonio rejoice: the number of neutral sites to accommodate the 17th game will go up to 16. Honolulu maybe?

  13. What are the terms of the proposal? I could envision 17 games in the following scenario:

    –Each player can only play 16 games.
    –Two bye weeks per team.
    –If the NFL absolutely insists on doing so, the additional game can be played on “neutral ground” (whether that means the UK, Mexico, or elsewhere).
    –Roster expansions and possibly IR tweaks to account for the extra game.

  14. thevoice0freason says: “No one except the owners wants a 17 game season.”

    Right, players hate money and earning an extra $560m it’ll get for another week in tv contracts.

    And during that extra game week, I’m sure you’ll be sitting at home protesting with the tv OFF, curled up by the fireplace with a romance novel and a nice glass of red whine.

  15. cappa662 says: “We know the owners don’t care about player safety.”

    You do know the risk of injury DOESN’T CHANGE, right?

    A player is as likely to get hurt playing Week 18 as he is Week 1 the next year. Seriously, the Patriots and Brady have been playing an average of 18-19 games for the past two decades and their injuries aren’t off the chart.


  16. 4 divisions per conference and 16 games is the perfect balance that Pete Rozelle envisioned.

    Every schedule increase also requires an increase in roster size. Do the math and it means going up to 59 players.

    Why not have a 32 game season with a 110 player roster, and mandate 16 weeks of “vacation” for every player, for rotation strategy as in baseball. Then expand the playoffs to half the league as in basketball, and make the Super Bowl a best 2 of 3. That would make 44 weeks of NFL product per year, plus an 8 week offseason for year round entertainment!

  17. The Jaguars playing 2 straight games in London shows why they need 17 games. The international games can’t make it without that extra game. The NFL was able to buy time by making the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders give up a home game as part of relocation, now those deals are done. As I always say, I want to see the NFL force teams like the Eagles, Steelers, or Packers to give up a home game. Good luck with that.

  18. And which team would that 17th opponent be, exactly? Someone from your own conference, or interconference, or random generated out of a hat, maybe…

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