Raheem Mostert willing to return Damien Williams’ Super Bowl jersey


Raheem Mostert is “more than happy” to return Damien Williams‘ Super Bowl jersey if the Chiefs running back wants it back.

“If he calls me and he’s like, ‘Hey, can we swap jerseys back?’ then I’m more than happy to,” the 49ers running back said Wednesday, via Matt Barrows of TheAthletic.com, “because I know the sentimental value it has to him.”

Mostert said it was Williams’ idea to trade jerseys.

But in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Williams sounded as if he was having second thoughts about the exchange.

Williams gained 133 yards from scrimmage and scored two touchdowns and could have received consideration for MVP if votes were collected at the end of the game rather than late in the fourth quarter.

Mostert, the star of the NFC Championship Game, had 13 touches for 60 yards and a score.

10 responses to “Raheem Mostert willing to return Damien Williams’ Super Bowl jersey

  1. Maybe these guys should just change jerseys after every series. That way, if they want to trade with someone after the game, they’ll have maybe a couple dozen jerseys to give to everyone who wants a genuine “game jersey”.

  2. And it’s not like Mosterts jersey won’t hold sentimental value for him. If he never makes it to the super bowl again, or even if he does….that will be something special for him… and any player really

  3. Funny how all we heard about was how bad the Chiefs defense was and all these “elite” running teams would dominate the Chiefs defense.

    The Chiefs defense gave up all of 24 points in the 2nd Half in their 3 postseason games. An average of 8 points a game, in the 2nd half, against the best teams in the league. That’s adjusting and dominating.

  4. Mostert’s a class act and a real diamond in the rough find for SF. The RB position is in good hands for the next couple of years for the Niners.

  5. How about a decent sized William’s donation to a charity of Mostert’s choice just to sweeten the aborted deal? Or is Williams only really interested in “selling” the jersey to the highest bidder anyway?

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