Report: Multiple networks talking to Jay Cutler

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We’re on the verge of one of the busiest offseasons for possible quarterback movement, and a former member of that club is looking for a new home as well.

According to, Jay Cutler has had discussions with ESPN and CBS about possible broadcasting jobs.

He was offered a job with Fox in 2017, but came out of retirement just before the start of the regular season to play for the Dolphins.

Since then, he’s been busy with his wife Kristin Cavallari’s reality show, Very Cavallari.

12 responses to “Report: Multiple networks talking to Jay Cutler

  1. Never even heard of his wife’s show.

    Can’t imagine any network wanting him to sit in the corner and pout whenever he doesn’t get as much airtime as the rest of the broadcast team.

  2. Why? Do networks want expert analysis on how to throw pick sixes at the NFL level? That seemed to be his specialty while in Chicago.

  3. I know there is a narrative that he is difficult and aloof, but I think he’d do a great job. I really liked his interview with Big cat on pardon my take and I thought his radio show years ago was entertaining. He’d definitely be different than any other color analyst out there

  4. With quips like “I don’t need to work out, I’m a quarterback.” I look forward to his wisdom on display in color commentary.

  5. I was disappointed when he took the Dolphins job and not Fox (Maybe Fins fans were too). I’m looking forward to hear what he has to say.

    He can’t be any worse than Booger, Gruden or Witten were/are.

  6. I never liked him while he played, but he is great on Very Cavallari. He made me a fan, ha. I’d watch his broadcasts.

  7. Cutler now is still a better QB that Trubisky ever will be.

    Also, I think he’d do a good job as a commentator. Even if it’s on like 5th or 6th CBS pairing. Take a hike Archuleta.

  8. give him a shot. Hope he is very controversial as too many of the NFL broadcasters or color people are super bland.

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