Will Jaguars eventually split their schedule between Jacksonville and London?

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The news that the Jaguars would play two games in London next season prompted some to conclude that one would be a home game, and that one would be a road game. Instead, the Jaguars have decided to export 25 percent of their 2020 regular-season home games to England.

It’s a stunning move, one that invites plausible speculation that the Jaguars eventually will expand to three or four or maybe more London games. Football is business, not family, and the family business of making as much profit as possible hinges on playing games where the money and people are. There are more money and people in London, and owner Shad Khan’s decision to double his inventory of English games should be regarded as a potential stopover to more.

As previously reported, the league would approve a move by the Jaguars to London, if that’s what Khan chooses to do. And while there would be numerous logistical hurdles to overcome, the NFL didn’t get to where it now is by not chasing dollars. Or pounds. Or whatever the local legal tender may be.

This doesn’t mean the Jaguars will abandon Jacksonville, but a split schedule (like the Packers’ former Milwaukee/Green Bay arrangement) could be coming. Basically, they’d have a pair of London trips that would entail a pair of “home” games on a back-to-back basis, with four other true home games played in Jacksonville. If/when they make the playoffs and host a playoff game or two, those games would be played in Jacksonville.

It makes too much sense for it to not happen, especially since the Jaguars make more money when they play in London. And if they can split the difference between Jacksonville and London and generate a much greater profit in the process, it’s a no-brainer that the team will move in that direction.

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  1. Instead of this slow burn of taking away games from Jacksonville, they need to just move full time. I don’t think any city would want half of an NFL team.

  2. I’m sure Jaguars fans are loving this. Nothing beats finding out your team will only play 1/4 of their schedule in your home stadium. Fans must be racing to buy those season tickets and support the team. /s

  3. I wonder how the union will feel about this. I’d image the players won’t be happy with the increased taxes they would be subject to.

  4. I just can’t see a team splitting their time between two cities ever building up the tradition and loyalty of a singular local fan-base. Short term it would likely work but when the novelty wears off in the new city, and the old city doesn’t feel like the team is ‘theirs’ anymore enough people will stop caring that I don’t see it working long term.

    Then again what do I know, besides a lot more than Roger.

  5. I’m glad you brought up the taxes, I was wondering about that as well. Go to London and give Jacksonville an “expansion” team with an owner that doesn’t suck.

  6. Nothing like killing your fan base! It’s all about greed! I wouldn’t want to play there with the threat of going to London. With players and families involved it could get ugly.

  7. The odd thing is, Shad Khan is willing to be Rogers guinea pig with the London experiment, yet Jacksonville gets constantly hosed on the schedule with minimal prime time games, even AFTER making it to the AFCC game, and they still get the worst reffing crews in the business.

  8. I for one look forward to welcoming Doug Marrone back as an old friend, and seeing Minshew play again.

  9. Shad Khan is scared to go “all-in” on the London thing and will always keep 1 foot in the Jacksonville pool just in-case he has to jump back in it one day.

  10. I’m sure Jaguars fans are loving this. Nothing beats finding out your team will only play 1/4 of their schedule in your home stadium.

    Yeah, I bet they’re both LIVID!

  11. The slow burn of the Jags relocating to London just got turned up a notch. If I was a Jags fan, I wouldn’t support $$ the franchise anymore.

  12. azvato says:
    February 5, 2020 at 3:06 pm
    It’s Khan’s plan to sabotage ticket sales in Jax to justify a total move to London. Brilliant.

    I think you’re right on.. unfortunately.

  13. As a local Jags fan, my reaction is, if Khan is going to move the team, I wish he would just go ahead and do it instead of torturing us by doing it slowly. Please, just rip the band-aid off and get it over with so we can get on with our lives and find another team to root for.

  14. I live in the UK and have watched football for the past 20 years. I and most UK fans do not want a team based in London, we would rather see different teams every year.

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