Antonio Brown apologizes to Steelers, insists he’s well

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Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown apparently figures if he keeps apologizing, someone will find him sincere and offer him a job.

After a first attempt at redemption a sit-down interview with ESPN last weekend, he took the tour local, doing an extended interview with 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, in which he tried to make amends for his less-than-graceful exit from the Steelers.

“I apologize to those guys for the distractions,” Brown said, via Adam Bittner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The unwanted attention I probably caused those guys. To the fans and organization. So obviously you want to clear out any baggage or disrespect or unintended attention that was brought on to the organization. You know these guys gave me an opportunity when I was 21 years old, and I’m forever grateful for those guys. To not only have the opportunity to play with those guys but be in so many amazing moments, and we’ve been through so much.

“So I’m forever grateful and indebted to the organization. Mr. Rooney. Mike Tomlin. Kevin Colbert. Ben Roethlisberger. You know I started my career with those guys. A lot of beautiful moments. A lot of amazing things. So it’s not all bad. I just think from an emotional standpoint, when stuff got bad, it just seem bad. But we got more good moments than bad.”

His departure from Pittsburgh was part of a long spiral of self-inflicted damage to Brown’s career, which included brief stops with the Raiders and Patriots, and a number of off-field issues that had some questioning his mental well-being. His recent incident in Florida with the mother of his children, which involved him yelling at cops (whom he has also apologized to recently), also led to questions about his stability. Asked about his mental state Thursday, Brown continued to perpetuate his own victimization.

“I’m pretty good man. Those guys put me in a crazy check, and I don’t even know why they did that,” Brown said. “But I just think mental health is really important. It’s really difficult for me when I can’t even go out in the public, everyone coming up to me putting their camera phone. Everyone got an agenda for what they want to get from me. What they can make off me. So it’s good to be around people and talk to people that don’t have no agenda. That can support your mental health and just listen to you. It’s not about the material things or the money. People need support. Support and love. Meaning someone they can call, people that can listen to you. And people that can give them the right encouragement without no feedback of selfishness or wanting.

“So for me, it’s about surrounding myself with people that protect my best interests, people that will work as hard as me and people that are inspired to win. I’ve always been a guy who just wanted to win. Positive guy. I don’t really have anger. I just think I’m really bored. You know, football keeps a lot of my focus. And not being able to have that thing that took my energy, that put my focus toward allowed me to be bored and react to things I wouldn’t normally react to. So for the most part, I think that’s the case. I don’t think it was a case of anger. I’m a blessed guy. I’ve got a blessed life. I’m healthy. I don’t take it for granted.”

That’s a lot of words, but Brown has been surrounded by people who tried to protect his interests (including teams which gave him chance after chance, or an agent who dropped him), and he’s regularly refused help.

The hope is that he finds what he’s looking for. The reality is he’s made it hard for NFL teams to trust him, and all the media appearances probably won’t change that.

52 responses to “Antonio Brown apologizes to Steelers, insists he’s well

  1. The sad part is the people around him want you to believe he is so sincere. This guy has been on a destructive path for well over a few years now and we are supposed to think in a few weeks he’s got it and he’s cured. Get help and get well AB. Take your “handlers” with you they need help too.

  2. This dude… Did he really just try to apologize to the Steelers?? That’s why its called a burned bridge, bruh, you can’t cross back over.

  3. “It’s really difficult for me when I can’t even go out in the public, everyone coming up to me putting their camera phone.”


    heh? this guy has never seen a camera phone he hasn’t loved. including his own.

  4. “Those guys put me in a crazy check, and I don’t even know why they did that,”

    Yeah, real shocker there. LOL.

  5. I like what I heard here. Somebody is getting through to him. Everyone knows these journeys through issues are not straight lines, they include some sideways, some back sliding. But for once I think I hear real constructive work going on.

  6. Football aside, I hope he can pull himself out of this self inflicted tailspin for him and his family’s sake..

  7. Who cares. Money must be getting short. Not enough apologies to go around for your actions. You created your situation, enjoy it !!!

  8. Forgive and forget AB, you’re just terribly understood and everyone knows you’ve gotten a raw deal from the press, fans, NFL, and the police

    Said no one, ever

  9. Once a steeler… always a steeler.

    Anyway… I love how the nfl’s public relations department/nfl media
    is trying to make it VONTAZE BURFICT’s fault and pretending that football
    isn’t responsible due to the fact that it is an explosive, dangerous game.

  10. Everyone is sorry for what they did when it all starts falling apart for them … that’s a little late isn’t it. Best of luck to this guy.

  11. Watched part of the ESPN interview of him that was released last week. Seemed weirdly out of it — withdrawn and like he wasn’t there or something. In his videos a few years back when he was with the Steelers and before all of this stuff happened, he was always super energetic and enthusiastic and laughing and just “with it.” Seemed like a different person in the interview.

  12. After being targeted by grifters and the NFL the haters in the public keep pouring on the hate no matter what he says.
    AB should have been reinstated for the 2019 season. Where is the NFL?
    Their case is bogus and they know it. Free AB!

  13. In the same interview where he apologized for creating distractions, he spent time trashing Juju Smith-Schuster’s ability and questioning why people think positively about him.

  14. Brown….the perpetual victim. “It’s really difficult for me when I can’t even go out in the public, everyone coming up to me putting their camera phone. Everyone got an agenda for what they want to get from me.”

    He goes out in public to be seen, then complains about it when people want a picture or autograph. If he went out like a normal person, I would venture to say he could go unrecognized in most, if not all, places. But when you go out drawing attention to yourself, you get it, good and bad. The blame is at his feet, alone.

  15. Once AB see’s that all of these “heartfelt apologies” don’t immediately lead back to the NFL, he will revert back to his true self. You can only pretend for so long. Eventually he won’t be able to contain himself.

  16. rockstar904 says:
    February 6, 2020 at 11:17 am
    Come on over to the Jaguars. We’re a dumpster fire anyway.
    They’ll have to see how his court cases go. With the Jags playing more and more games in London, those may be games that Brown couldn’t play.

  17. In about a week when these purported apologizes haven’t resulted in any NFL interest he’ll go scorched earth on social media again. This guy is only saying what he thinks others want to hear in hopes of resuming his NFL career again. He not only burned his bridges. He blew them up. I bet he is in denial about that too.

  18. @steele6969 says:
    February 6, 2020 at 10:52 am
    He must want something, don’t trust him!
    Change your name to Captain Obvious. Of course he wants something…the chance to earnmoney at the one thing he’s best equipped to do, play football. He should sign with XFL.

  19. Did the guy who monetized Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and every other social media platform just crack back on people who put phones in his face? The guy who put what should have been private, inner-sanctum, personal moments out for all the world to see is complaining about not having any private space? This is as ridiculous as any tantrum he’s thrown. Even when he’s trying to sound sober, he sounds ridiculous.

  20. XFL. He needs to prove he can put his nose back to the grindstone, and the XFL needs star power. Makes too much sense.

  21. “Antonio Brown . . . insists he’s well”

    I read that statement and immediately envision Kevin Bacon, in his ROTC uniform, desperately-but-futilely screaming “ALL IS WELL” as utter pandemonium unfolds around him during the parade scene in Animal House.
    Keep telling yourself there’s nothing amiss, Antonio. The world around you says differently.

  22. If he gets his name on an NFL contract, it will back to the same ole AB – a jerk and locker room cancer. Any head coach or GM that falls for this BS is an idiot and should be fired. The Patriots supposedly have a locker room and organization that can handle “problem” players and they cut him

  23. His actions alone while a Raider are enough to ban him atleast another full season for a full mental mandatory in patient counseling. (Burning his feet up in the cold chamber, refusing to practice/wear a helmet, running around his yard Instagraming himself reaching to the skies yelling ‘I’m free’ when Oakland released him)

  24. This character needs to move on, one day this, another day, sorry, today not sure he wants to play in the NFL. Who really cares what he wants or says.

  25. Some team will take a chance on him.
    He has talent. And probably 3 maybe 4 good years. Not great but good left.

    Won’t be Steelers. That bridge is still in flames.

  26. At least Ray Rice got therapy and participated in helping other victims of abusers like he was. He’s still on the outside looking in. AB thinking an apology tour is going to repair the damage that he has inflicted show that he still hasn’t accepted responsibility.

  27. For a year he’s been in a regular cycle of compliments for folks he wants things from … but if they ever turn him down or he imagines they’ve done something, he attacks them. Six months behaving consistently, then he might be ready to return. In his current cycles he would burn down any team, because of real, or imagined, issues. Hope he gets help.

  28. So it looks like Antonio Brown hired a new agent

    If he wants to get back into the league, he should quit social media cold turkey and stay out of the spotlight

    Do that for a year and we’ll see how it goes

  29. Before signing him he should pass some sort of test for a month. Something simple like carrying around JUJU’s jock. Let’s see how that works out.

  30. I know how much talent AB had and “may” still have. However, I was never a huge AB fan. His interviews always seemed to be entirely insincere and condescending. Always a few seemingly scripted words and only enough to placate the interviewer who brown saw as beneath him. The way he has talked about the people that made him successful has been entirely shameful in every respect. Let me say this very clearly, AB would never have been AB without Ben Roethlisberger. Many have said it was the other way around but the proof has been there for everyone to see. I hope he is sincere but I have my doubts.

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