Brian Dawkins “so proud” of Andy Reid

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The love for Andy Reid stemming from his years in Philadelphia has been apparent since the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV.

The Eagles congratulated Reid moments after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV, and many of Reid’s Eagles players have congratulated him as well.

Brian Dawkins, who played 10 seasons for Reid in Philadelphia, posted a video of himself looking positively giddy after the Chiefs won.

“Congratulations, Coach. Congratulations. I told you I would be shedding tears of joy, and I did,” Dawkins said. “Man, I am so proud of, first of all, being someone that played under you. You’re a friend of mine, and I’m so happy for you, Coach. It took a while, but you have deserved it. You blessed so many people along the way, to help them redeem themselves. Help coach individuals, you’ve been there as family for a lot of us. So congratulations, Coach, love you, and once again, congratulations. You are a Super Bowl dog gone champion!”

Although the Eagles took a downturn in Reid’s final seasons in Philadelphia, he remains well-liked by his players and his fans in Philadelphia. They’re savoring his victory, too.

11 responses to “Brian Dawkins “so proud” of Andy Reid

  1. Way to Go Brian. You are not alone. I have cried 5 times since my Chiefs won it all on Sunday. Such a thrilling life long dream that came true. We Love Big Red.

  2. I wonder how many viewers took note of Coach Reid in his first post-game interview he was holding his wife’s hand and when finished with the interview he lead her away still clutching her hand. Another small but significant sign of the man’s character.

  3. Congratulations from a diehard Raider fan, when you became a free agent coach I was praying the Raiders would land you but KC scooped you up—top 5 coach for sure.

  4. KC fans wanted to toss this guy out two years ago because he was too conservative and his ways where old. With that said inside the NFL I hear no one is more universally liked than Andy Reid. Hard press to find anyone who knows the guy and doesn’t speak well of him. I still wish he would have coached the Packers after Holmgren.

  5. Class act by Dawk, a HOFer and a classy man, for another classy man, and future HOFer, Andy Reid. Tears of joy for them both. <3

  6. The testimony about Andy’s greatness as a coach is spoken by all those in the league who have wished him success in this Super Bowl and who have congratulated him after winning it. And while I loathed him as a Philthy coach, I admire him with how he has made football fun by utilizing all of his players (unlike the gimmick of exploiting Lame in Baltimore).

    Two years ago Andy also had the horrific Captain Check Down who was a disgrace at his position – padding his regular season wins only to fold at the first blush of the playoffs.

    It is no wonder that Andy has opened things up because he now has a competent QB who can bring his team back regardless of the store. Captain Checkdown could never do what Mahomes has done. Not even in five lifetimes.

  7. >>>>>The love for Andy Reid stemming from his years in Philadelphia has been apparent since the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV.

    Actually Andy has overwhelmingly popular since 1999 in Philly. It was just time to change coaches when he left and both teams gained from it.

  8. As a die hard Eagles fan with Dawkins my all-time favorite player, one thing I always held against Reid was the Eagles not giving Dawk a respectible final contract to stay with the team after years of being under paid. He never should have been forced to leave the team and finish his career in Denver. Apparently, Dawk doesn’t hold that against him. So guess it’s time to let that go.

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