Jacksonville fans mount push back against second home game in London

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Local supporters of the Jacksonville Jaguars are mounting a campaign of opposition against the team’s decision to move a second home game away from Jacksonville to London beginning next season.

According to Emily Bloch of the Florida Times-Union, the Bold City Brigade fan group launched a website to take virtual signatures opposing the moving of another Jaguars home game away from Jacksonville. While the ability to pledge opposition to the move doesn’t include any conclusive verification, over 13,000 people and 500 local businesses have signed up in opposition via the Duval Coalition site.

“Our organization was born out of the diehard support that so many local fans have displayed over the past 25 seasons,” a statement posted to the Bold City Brigade’s website said. “We want to make it clear that we vehemently oppose this decision. Furthermore, it is our belief that any other fanbase, if faced with a similar situation would feel equally as disappointed and angry.

“We call on all Jaguars fans to make their voices heard. We will be consulting with our members about actions to take going forward. Shad Khan may own the Jaguars franchise, but the soul of the Jaguars belongs to Jacksonville and all of the fans that passionately support them.”

The two games the Jaguars will play in London will be in consecutive weeks so the team will make just one trip across the Atlantic Ocean.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan has previously said he has no intention of moving the Jaguars to London full-time. However, local fans in Jacksonville can understandably be upset of losing another chance to watch the team they support.

9 responses to “Jacksonville fans mount push back against second home game in London

  1. What a bunch of BS. Stick to your guns Jacksonville. The NFL community is behind you all the way.

  2. So what about the season ticket holders? The games in London are both supposed to be considered “home” games. How much do they have to pay for season tickets? They shouldn’t have to pay for a whole seasons worth of home games if two are played in another country.

  3. Jaguars owner Shad Khan has previously said he has no intention of moving the Jaguars to London full-time, the team will only be there for home games. All away games will still be played in the US.

  4. Why can’t they set the schedule to which ever teams that play in London or Mexico would be considered an away game for both teams schedule and they would retain their 8 home games? Seems like a win-win for all.

  5. I agree, do you really think the Jag will ever be competitive when you give away home games. Buffalo did that as part of Russ Brandon’s gimmick of regionization. well all it did was give away wins in exchange for $$$$. There record was 1-5 in Toronto. I think the Jags are grabbing money just like that. The only thing is at least they don’t lose all the time or at least until the rest of the league catches up with the travel part of it.

  6. Last in attendance. The team is not supported in Jacksonville, as the top level is covered in tarps. This was happening 2 years ago, when they were good.

  7. I think the sponsors should only pay them 75% of what they agreed to since 25% of the home games are no longer home games. Just wait. Khan is going to move them to London if at all possible. Khan may actually be worse than Mike Brown (Bengals). Anyone who gives them money should reduce what they give them. Why would anyone sponsor him now anyway? They should let Khan move to London and keep the Jags here.

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