Jaguars president says Shad Khan is committed to Jacksonville

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The alarms in Jacksonville are blaring in the wake of the news that the Jaguars will play a pair of home games in London next season. Team president Mark Lamping has tried to throw water on the notion that the team eventually will be crossing the pond for good.

“Shad Khan’s been very clear,” Lamping said regarding the franchise’s owner, in an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “The most important thing he wants to do is bring a Super Bowl to Duval County, and obviously we have a lot of work to do on that front. But the other thing he wants to do is ensure that there’s NFL football in Northeast Florida for many generations to come.”

Lamping explained the mixed-use development around the team’s stadium, a project he described as “Patriot Place on steroids.” He added that the effort is “changing the feel and energy of downtown Jacksonville, and as downtown Jacksonville goes, so will the Jaguars.”

Later in the interview, Lamping was clear: Khan is “committed to keeping the team in Northeast Florida.” Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the Jaguars will be playing one or more games in London, indefinitely.

“London supplements what we’re doing in Jacksonville,” Lamping said. “It certainly doesn’t replace it.”

But it definitely replaces home games in Jacksonville. For several years, it’s been one. This year, it will be two. It’s fair and reasonable for Jaguars fans to wonder when and if that number will expand.

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  1. Yes, I’m sure that Jacksonville fans are thrilled that the team will be playing an ever increasing share of their home games in London.

  2. One problem the Jaguars have had is that Jacksonville is right at the border with Georgia. Georgia as a whole has always been Falcon territory. So the Jaguars miss out on the entire region to their north beyond, say, 50 miles or so. And keep in mind the population of Jacksonville is not big.

  3. Seems to me one of the two games should be considered an away game. That and when they go to 17 games it should be considered to be that 17 game neutral site game.

    If I was a jags I would be pissed. I am sure the players and coaches are not pleased.

  4. Alright Mark. Put it in writing that it will never be more than two. Either that or we know you’re lying.

  5. “London supplements what we’re doing in Jacksonville,” Lamping said. “It certainly doesn’t replace it.”

    Yeah, you tell ’em, Mark! That’ll appease the season-ticket holders who now have two home games being played over 4,200 miles away.

  6. “ And keep in mind the population of Jacksonville is not big.”

    It’s the most populous city in Florida, twice the size of Miami which is a very distant second.

  7. I know that you can say that the under-performance of the team is a large part of the reason for the whole London thing, but Jaguar fans have to take some of the blame too. They’ve brought this on themselves. Look at tarps on the stadium seats.
    The Buffalo Bills didn’t sniff the playoffs for nearly 20 years and never came close to the point of closing down entire sections of their stadium. They supported their team through the dark days. The Jaguar fans have been shown to be only fair-weather fans
    who stayed away in droves while their team went through struggles.
    Look at yourselves Jags fans.

  8. Shad Khan in 2022: “We are committed to Jacksonville and four home games ensure that for many years to come”.

  9. When you take two games every year away from Jacksonville then no, you’re not committed. I have no doubt he (and the league) has been planning to slowly move that team overseas since the day he agreed to buy it.

  10. Blah blah blah blah. I bet if it were up to Khan he’d play all their home games in London. They can say what they want but actions speak louder than words.

  11. Retaining Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell, salary cap hell, giving up multiple home games, hiring Trent Baalke…this has got to be a deliberate tanking strategy…right?

  12. Shad is just trying to find enough idiots to pay to see Jacksonville. He’d move the team to Alaska if there were 60k paying fans for each reindeer game.

  13. Here we go with the same narrative from uninformed people. The stadium capacity with tarps is 67,000 seats. It’s a top 20 capacity. If you take the tarps off, the capacity would be the same as Metlife stadium or larger. Its not tarped off to make the stadium capacity small. It’s to fit an nfl audience. The stadium also hosts the Georgia/Florida game every year.

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