John Lynch: We want to find a way to keep Arik Armstead

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49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead‘s contract is up and he said on Wednesday that he’d love to be back whether they use a franchise tag or sign him to a longer deal.

Thursday found General Manager John Lynch in front of the media for a press conference and the subject of Armstead’s future with the team was part of the discussion. He said the team is considering all of their options with the intent of holding onto the 2015 first-round pick.

“Arik’s an excellent player, he had an excellent year,” Lynch said. “I think everything’s on the table. We want to find a way to keep him and make him a part of the Niners for a long time.”

The 49ers are near the bottom of the league when it comes to cap space in 2020, which will be a consideration with any course of action they take with with Armstead and other free agents as they try to find their way back to the Super Bowl.

7 responses to “John Lynch: We want to find a way to keep Arik Armstead

  1. Trade Jimmy G, draft a new QB, use one you already have, and invest the saved money in the team. Jimmy is not all that and a bag of chips.

  2. Armstead and Jimmy Ward both had great years, but they are both highly injury prone and have only had the one good year. Expecting them to replicate this year’s production and health going forward is a poor decision, in my opinion. Especially considering you can likely tag and trade Armstead for draft picks to restock the roster with cheap talent.

  3. You will not, stop lying to the public.
    You don’t have the money, the HC is an idiot and the QB is garbage.
    There will be a flood of players and staff fleeing this hot mess.

  4. the 49ers had 16 mil in space. they just saved 8.1 and 4.5 mil respectively on the restructuring of Kwon and Richburg’s deals. They now have 29 mil in space before any other moves. They are expected to move on from Mckinnon, Goodwin and a few others for another 10-15 million.

    they can easily get to 40 mil in space which would be enough to keep Armstead, extend Kittle, extend Buckner….then you can re-sign Ward and Sanders if they want to. My guess is they keep 1 of those 2.

    they can also restructure more current deals. Paraag Marathe is a cap wizard and regarded as the best in the biz…even when the 9ers were dog crap.

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