Kyle Long on retirement: I couldn’t hold up my end of the bargain

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Kyle Long announced his decision to walk away from the Bears and the NFL last month and the guard has expanded on what he was thinking when he made that call.

Long suffered a long list of injuries over the years, including a season-ending hip injury early in the 2019 season, and he last played an entire season in 2015. Long said that the physical ailments left him “unable to fulfill my end of the bargain” and that fact became clear when practicing against defensive tackle Akiem Hicks.

“It became clear to me in practices against Akiem,” Long said, via “We used to never dial back. And Akiem is a freakshow, and he was a great guy when we played together. Towards the end of my career, he would dial it back as not to embarrass me in practice.”

Long said his next step is “figuring out who the heck I am” outside of being a football player and said it could include working with the Bears in “another capacity,” although that appears to be one of several options for his next chapter.

10 responses to “Kyle Long on retirement: I couldn’t hold up my end of the bargain

  1. Realizing it and admitting it are two different things and both are very hard to do. Congratulations on your decision and good luck with whatever comes next in your life. Next Man Up.

  2. That’s alright Kyle you didn’t have much of ant supporting cast aside from some WRs. Between the terrible play calling and lost ways of the offense even a banged up Kyle Long would have been a help.

  3. Trubisky isn’t nearly as bad as everyone claims he his. The Bears are a couple of lineman and new playbook away from above .500. The defense is full of young talent, figuring out how to let Mitch work in that offense is the key. Mitch needs a reliable all around TE and plays better when he isn’t stuck in the pocket. Mitch has great games when he rushes for 50 yds or more and there is no denying it.

  4. Declining and turning down the rest of the guarantees in contract through retirement is better than being released publicly and having to cope with life after the team decides. Great to see a humble man leave on his own terms. Good luck with life, Kyle.

  5. Won’t matter for the teams fortunes unless 8-10 other players step forward and do the same starting with Truebustky.

  6. You should really focus on your 63 year perennial losing squad instead of non-sense on Bears posts. If Trubisky is a bust what does that make Stafford? Matthew is a stand up guy and a decent QB, but he’s been on the Lions since 2009 and you have ZERO playoff wins after a six decade track record of failure.

    I think it might have something to do with Trubisky being “garbage” yet owning the Lions – 4-0 undefeated and another sweep coming in 2020….I don’t maybe a little to much salt for this bitter Lions fan.

  7. Hope that he gets well and has an enjoyable “after the NFL” life at whatever is next and then his retirement.

  8. Long’s sudden dropoff really exposed the lack of depth on the Bears O-Line. None of their starters last year was better than barely average but the RG position was a gaping hole. Harry Hiestand got the axe but the real problem with that unit is a lack of quality players and that falls on their GM.

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