Kyle Shanahan feels same about Jimmy Garoppolo as before Super Bowl

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The fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV did not go the 49ers’ way last Sunday, but head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Thursday that their offensive struggles down the stretch haven’t changed the way he feels about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Shanahan said at a press conference that his belief in the quarterback is the “same as it was the day before the Super Bowl.” Shanahan pointed to a bigger picture than the final minutes of the loss to the Chiefs when discussing that belief.

“He was on his way . . . close to being the Super Bowl MVP,” Shanahan said. “We all didn’t make those plays toward the end. We made those plays all year, our whole team. That’s one of the reasons we were there. Whenever you don’t make those plays at the end of the game like that, first and foremost, the quarterback’s going to get attacked and then usually the play caller. We understand that’s how it goes.”

Shanahan called Garoppolo one of the main reasons that the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl and noted his limited experience as a starter in the NFL. Garoppolo has made 26 career starts after serving as a backup in New England and tearing his ACL in 2018 and Shanahan’s comments on Thursday suggest he’ll be making many more in a 49ers uniform.

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  1. He played it too conservative which was a mistake. KCs D has been sieve for years and just because it was a little better this year, doesn’t mean they deserved such respect before half and in the 4th with their tongues dragging trying to stop the run.

    Mindbogglingly stupid from Shanahan. At best, you’ve got 2:30 mins of clock on 3 straight runs and a punt and that doesn’t count if you end up getting a 1st down.

  2. Not his fault Matt Ryan and Jimmy G are not clutch. To win the big dance you need to be able to throw it. Look at Big Ben to Santonio Holmes. And then look at guys like Jarred Goff.

  3. Actions speak louder than words Kyle. You got the Superbowl running the ball. Then with 12 minutes to go in the 4th qtr and a 10 pt lead, you inexplicably decided to start passing and it cost your team the game.

    Chiefs Kingdom thanks you!!!

  4. 49ers didn’t start winning until Jimmy G started leading. If your team didn’t make the SB, you don’t even get to have an opinion on what a winning QB is.

  5. As he should! You guys dumped on Lamar and now Jimmy G. It is tough to win in the NFL in high stakes games. Lamar, Jimmy G and Goff all had gitters in these big games, and Mahomes was a hot mess for 3 quarters, but they are all young, quality QBs. Why not give them some time to mature? Although Brady and Big Ben won early, they were still coddled in those SB wins. Brady, 145 yards and the Steelers won in spite of Big Ben.
    Give these guys some time. If we had this mentality in the past, Elway and Manning would have been put out to pasture by year 5.

  6. Shanahan is a smart coach and he knows exactly what he has with Jimmy G and he also knows he’s stuck with him for a bit for better or for worse. He barely trusted him to throw the ball in the playoffs for a reason.

  7. tylawspick6 says:
    February 6, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    He played it too conservative which was a mistake. Mindbogglingly stupid from Shanahan.


    I agree. They never really freed up their own QB and got him into a rhythm and into the game. Then when things went south with their defense toward the end, they looked rusty and not ready to open it up and move faster.

    The overall game strategy from Shanahan looked to me like trying to back into the win, as opposed to taking it boldly. Better to fail at the latter than fail with the former.

  8. If the 49ers had 32 rushing attempts instead of 22, they may have won the game but Jimmy G was playing well until the game became 20-17, then the Boy Wonder HC couldn’t react.

  9. Look at the 49ers win/loss record without Jimmy and then again with Jimmy as the starter.

    All of you saying Nick Mullens could do 90% of what Jimmy does are absolute fools.

  10. Wait a minute first it was the coaches fault then X player Rice blamed the refs now the QB. There is just one champion and you had a good enough team, QB and coaches to get to the SB. Enough

  11. These two are just getting started and they’ve already been to a super bowl. There are 30 other teams wishing they were just in the super bowl. Patrick Mahomes didn’t play anywhere near his best game. Maybe Andy Reid is looking for a new QB. Garoppolo is going to be a fine QB. He doesn’t look like the second coming of Joe Montana, but you can say that about everybody.

  12. aj66shanghai says:
    February 6, 2020 at 2:20 pm
    He made his feelings about him pretty clear, during the Super Bowl. Coach thinks QB cannot be trusted with ball in his hands when it counts.

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    That makes no sense. He’s 21-5 as a starter for SF going into the SB. He’s great a managing a game. Maybe he should have full autonomy at the line to over-rule such bad playcalling?

    Lastly, Shanahan has done this before. it’s not an excuse and it has nothing to do with trust. They TRADED for Garoppolo.

    It has to do with going conservative by nature, thinking your D is good enough to win the game for you. But, in an offensive league with offenses winning championships as I keep saying (last year was a clear outlier in this era), you have to still attack.

    In this case, running it as part of the attack MORE than they were doing, was the key.

    How do you give your lead back only 12 carries when he’s going at a 6 YPC clip, when you have a 20-10 lead in the 4th?

    Also, as warned about 5000 times, you never take a double off Hill EVER for the entire game.

    It doesn’t matter how predictable you are doing that, that’s the biggest part of their offense.

    Numerous blunders from Shanahan.

    BB and the Pats win that game with their top flight D and BB likely makes sure the ball is being run there more in the 4th. NE made this mistake in SB 46 vs the Giants. I don’t know how many times an example needs to be given.

  13. Brady is a system QB no more, he will fail anywhere away from Foxborough. Thats why he was a mere 6th round pick of middling talent.

  14. jackedupboonie says:

    February 6, 2020 at 2:23 pm

    Could Nick Mullens do 90% of what Garoppolo does and open up over 20 million in cap space to keep the defense together?

    Nick Mullins can’t do 50% of what Jimmy G can do. They’d drop to 6-10 and the defense would suddenly look a lot less special. If you didn’t watch the games you’d think he’s a game manager but Jimmy G is special. He has room to improve but he made a ton of big throws on 3rd down all through the season last year.

  15. He likes Jimmy and other guys he’s known longer (Coleman) too much. He squandered Mostert in the Super Bowl. The guy had been dominant for a month and a half and you don’t give him a carry until the second quarter? Then when the game’s on the line you give it to him on first down, watch him get six or seven yards as usual, then pass twice (usually incomplete)? Just dumb play calling. Just like in Atlanta. Some guys learn and some guys don’t. I don’t think Shanahan is a championship coach.

  16. I think if Mahomes was the QB for San Francisco, Shanahan would have found a way to lose. You can blame the QB all you want but Shanahan is a choker.

  17. Yeah, so does everyone else. Average at best in every aspect and a game manager that will never lead a team to a championship. But coming from a coach that looks lost on the sidelines and has no clue how to manage a game it’s not a surprising perspective.

  18. they had kc. their d blew the 3rd and 15 and it all snowballed. its exactly what footsteps falco described as quicksand. but they had them. letting tyreek hill get wide open for 44 yard gain cost them the game.

  19. “Nick Mullins can’t do 50% of what Jimmy G can do. They’d drop to 6-10 and the defense would suddenly look a lot less special.”

    They’re going to regress significantly next season no matter how their QB is. Super Bowl hangover combined with defenses having made adjustments over the offseason. I don’t see them running the ball nearly as well next season as they did this year plus the defense is likely going to slide a bit.

  20. Anyone who thought a team would dump a QB who took his team to the Superbowl, in his first full season, isn’t paying much attention

  21. Wondering why the 49ers stopped handing the ball off to the WR to run outside. They got decent yardage every time they ran it.

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