Kyle Shanahan not second-guessing his playcalling

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Kyle Shanahan has no regrets about his playcalling and game management after the 49ers blew a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV.

The 49ers coach, who was on the losing end of the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history three years ago, has taken heat outside the organization since Sunday. He, though, has not done much second-guessing.

“I don’t feel it’s intense blowback,” Shanahan said, via Nick Wagoner of ESPN. “I’m not on Twitter or whatever all that stuff is, but I would never do that to myself anyway. I’ve lost a Super Bowl before and I’ve been a part of a bigger lead that was lost, so I’m very well aware of what goes with that. But I’m also not a good liar. How you guys hear me talk is exactly how I feel. I’m real upset about the loss because it’s hard to get there.

“I personally thought we had the best team in the NFL this year. And we weren’t, and we’ve got to deal with that. But I’m sure we believe we had that and we should have proved that and we didn’t get that done. And that’s what’s really cool about sports, that’s what hurts about sports, that’s what’s fun about sports. It’s why I love sports and it’s also why everyone likes watching it, because there is a lot of emotion in there and when I do feel this way and stuff, I mean it, it makes me feel stronger because it does hurt a lot. But I also know how much I can deal with it. And if that’s the worst stuff that happens, I can’t wait to try our butts off to get back there next year.”

Shanahan didn’t call timeout with around 1:30 to play in the first half after the 49ers stopped Damien Williams on third down to force a Kansas City punt. General Manager John Lynch was shown in the suite signaling for a timeout as the clock ran down to 59 seconds before the Chiefs punted.

Shanahan said his fear was punter Dustin Colquitt would pin the 49ers inside the 5-yard line, allowing the Chiefs a chance to use their timeouts and score before the half. The 49ers and Chiefs were tied 10-10 at halftime.

It begs the question of whether you can play a Super Bowl scared of what might happen.

Then again, Shanahan was criticized for being too aggressive when he was offensive coordinator of the Falcons against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

When decisions work, coaches are deemed geniuses and given extensions; when they don’t, coaches are second-guessed, and usually, eventually fired.

Shanahan said he wouldn’t take a mulligan on any of his play calls, but, in hindsight, he wished he had called timeout before the fourth-down play with 1:33 to play. Jimmy Garoppolo was sacked, and the Chiefs put the icing on the Lombardi Trophy two plays later on Williams’ touchdown run.

24 responses to “Kyle Shanahan not second-guessing his playcalling

  1. blew largest lead, and tied for 2nd largest blown lead in SB history, because of your crap play calling.
    I doubt you’ll get a 3rd chance!

  2. The only SB loss on him is the one just passed. He was the OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR for Atlanta, his job was to put up points and did just that (28 of them in fact) against a vaunted New England team. He wasn’t head coach nor defensive coordinator whose job it is to prevent the other team from scoring.

    From the way the trolls like to retell history apparently Shanahan was in command of all three phases of the game.

  3. Brace, I agree with you about Superbowl 51 as Dan Quinn was responsible for that debacle .

  4. 0-40 in 4th quarters of the two Super Bowls. Hi percentage chance that any points by his offense would have sealed both Super Bowls. At 20-10 if he had 2 or 3 more first downs and kicked a 3, even if KC managed to score a TD on the next possession, there wouldn’t have been much time left. Mahomes was great at the end, but SF burning no clock at all was what gave them all that opportunity.

  5. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But check out his comments on Jimmy G saying he was on his way to being Super Bowl MVP. What was working for them was the running game. Call the 4th quarter differently and they probably win with Mostert being MVP thanks to 100+ yards and a really good yards per carry. It boggles the mind that he thought Garopolo was their best player in that game.

  6. It seemed more about players making/not making plays. Chiefs made them, Niners didn’t.

  7. Coach Shanahan should be second guessing his play calling, he cost the 49ers a kinbardi trophy for crying out loud in a lot of places that gets you fired. Jimmy G is terrible, he’s a good game manager but not someone you want putting the weight of the team on his back & trying to carry them over the finish line or will them to victory. With a QB like Jimmy that ends badly 10 out of 10 times. The 49ers had a golden opportunity and they blew it as that division is the toughest division in the NFL and it will only get even better over the off-season with QB Kyler Murray going into his 2nd season with a lot more talent added around him, SEA will be addressing there defensive needs. It’s hard to put into words just how monumentally stupid the KS was last Sunday calling the game he did , odds are much higher SF doesn’t make it back to the super bowl for quite sometime than they are of SF returning next year.

  8. If you’re going to blame Shanahan what about Saleh’s defense giving up 21 points in the last 7 minutes? Maybe just give K.C. some credit, it was an epic comeback.

  9. You can’t fix this level of stupid.
    Seriously how did he become a HC.
    Oh thats right his last name is Shanahan.
    Old boy network alive and well.

  10. Shanahan is the worst coach in the nfl he will be fired within 2 years and will be an offensive coordinator again by some garbage team then he will be out of the league shortly after that

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