Panthers remain mum about Cam Newton’s future

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Cam Newton is confident he will play for the Panthers next season. The Panthers, though, are staying quiet about the quarterback’s future.

He’s rehabbing; that’s all I can say,” Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney told Steve Reed of The Associated Press.

Hurney would not answer several follow-up questions from Reed about Newton.

Newton, who has spent nine seasons in Carolina, missed the final 14 games of last season with a foot injury. He had a shoulder injury in 2018.

The Panthers could clear $19.1 million in cap space by moving on from Newton, who, since he played his last game, has seen the team change head coaches and watched Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen move on.

Newton said during Super Bowl week that he’s “absolutely” certain he’ll be back in Carolina, but the Panthers have given no indication about what they’re going to do at quarterback.

14 responses to “Panthers remain mum about Cam Newton’s future

  1. The new staff trades Cam and then tanks for the first pick in 2021 to take the QB from Baylor. Doesn’t matter who the QB is as long as he’s from Baylor.

  2. Time to move on….Panthers seem to be retooling and with new coach Ruhle, this appears to be time to start a transition…..I just think this scenario has played out.
    Cam will catch on with somebody.

  3. It doesn’t make any sense to say anything now. If he is healthy then they have a decision. If he is healthy he is your QB. At his salary and the fact they finally have some WRs around him with a top 3 RB why would you move on. When healthy he was an MVP candidate and he isn’t old yet. If he isn’t healthy then cutting him will be your only move.

    You aren’t getting a top 3 QB this year without trading up. Not sure anyone outside of Burrows would be worth moving up for to give up on a healthy Newton. Draft either that OSU CB or Derrick Brown and they could be a Wild Card team.

  4. Would they like to move on, yes… but at this point there’s no trade market for Newton. There are too many free agents QB’s this offseason and too many young signal callers in the next 2 drafts. Teams have their choices of QB’s and certainly don’t need to spend draft capital on one for 19+ million a year that may or may not be healthy.

    The best course of action for both sides at this time is for the Panthers to see Newton work our in March. If he seems healthy enough, just stay the course and draft a QB next year. If he’s not healthy, they could pick up a free agent or more likely draft one at 7. Then they can make the decision next year on whether to franchise Newton or move on to the new guy.

  5. How many times is a version of this story going to run? Cam is under contract with the Panthers next season. They don’t have another legitimate QB option on the roster, and they’re not going to find a starter with the #7 pick in the draft. So for now they’re going to watch his rehabilitation. You don’t make a rash decision with a 30 year old former MVP. People forget he was 6-2 and having his best statistical season in 2018 before getting hurt. If he ultimately gives them the best chance to win games next year, he stays. Even if they want to move on from him, they’re going to let rehab play out to get top value for him in trade.

  6. panthers last 32 games record 12 wins 20 losses
    Last two years with Cam as start record 5 wins 11 losses
    record with other qb (undrafted and 3rd rookie qb) 7 wins 9 losses

  7. The Panthers have one of the leagues worst OL and they allowed Cam to be beat down game after game, year after year. Cam should demand a trade away from the Panthers.

  8. Carolina new HC,GM, Owner need to release scam as soon as possible. Scam never could read NFL level defense, not a accurate passer, Me fist attitude,Happy feet. Carolina has Never Had 2 Winning Season in a row with Scam as the QB. As someone already pointed out Carolina win-lose record is W-12, L-20 with scam as the QB. Why would the new HC want to keep,continue this Losing pattern ??? The year he was voted MVP Carolina defense is what carry them to the Superbowl Then Scam couldn’t do anything with his offense in the Superbowl.He fumble the football, then run away from the football.

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