Who’s next for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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Some big names become eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the next few years.

Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson are among those eligible for the first time next year. DeMarcus Ware is the most qualified for the Class of 2022.

Here is the list of first-year eligible candidates for the Hall of Fame as compiled by Clark Judge of the Talk of Fame Network:


DE Jared Allen

RB Steven Jackson

WR Calvin Johnson

OL Logan Mankins

QB Peyton Manning

LB Jerod Mayo

TE Heath Miller

CB Charles Tillman

DL Justin Tuck

QB Michael Vick

WR Wes Welker

DT Kevin Williams

DB Charles Woodson


WR Anquan Boldin

LB Chad Greenway

WR Andre Johnson

DE/LB Mario Williams

QB Tony Romo

DE Robert Mathis

WR Steve Smith

LB DeMarcus Ware

DT Vince Wilfork


LB Navorro Bowman

S Kam Chancellor

CB Antonio Cromartie

DE/LB Elvis Dumervil

DE/LB Dwight Freeney

LB James Harrison

CB/KR Devin Hester

P Shane Lechler

C Nick Mangold

RB DeMarco Murray

QB Carson Palmer

CB Darrelle Revis

OT Joe Thomas


TE Antonio Gates

RB Jamaal Charles

TE Rob Gronkowski

DE Chris Long

QB Andrew Luck

PK Sebastian Janikowski

WR Jordy Nelson

DT Haloti Ngata

DE Julius Peppers

RB Jonathan Stewart

C Max Unger

DT Kyle Williams


LB Lorenzo Alexander

TE Vernon Davis

LB Luke Kuechly

QB Eli Manning

RB Darren Sproles

85 responses to “Who’s next for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

  1. How could Mike Vick be even considered as worthy of the HOF? His career was mediocre at best and he won nothing of substance. And notice I never said a word about his dog killing life until after considering his football achievements. This guy is not fit as a professional to be considered in the HOF unless we start making EVERYONE eligible.

  2. Mankins, Welker, and Mayo should be auto-elected because they are ex-Pats. Actually, they should just replace Gene Upshaw, Lynn Swann, and Jack Lambert in the Hall since they don’t deserve inclusion. When do Kevin Faulk, Danny Woodhead, and Zoltan Medko come up for eligibility? LOL

  3. DeMarco murray?? He had one good year. Maybe 2. As far as next years class goes,peyton manning and Charles Woodson are 1st ballot HOFers. I’m not too familiar with Logan mankins. I know hes good and remember his name with pro bowl honors but just by hearing his name as an offensive lineman, he must have been doing something right. Maybe Calvin johnson first ballot too. I would understand if he had to wait a couple years though.

  4. Peyton and Woodson 1st ballot for sure but…

    Calvin Johnson was 31st all time in yards and 22 all-time in TD’s. He never won a playoff game and was part of an 0-16 season. Great player. Dominant in his era but Is he first ballot worthy?

  5. For the first time in my life I actually agree with Deion Sanders, and I just threw up in my mouth a little bit; they do let too many people in the hall of fame. It’s so watered down with good but not all time classic that it’s becoming irrelevant and just a yawner.

  6. Peanut should get some consideration as well. Vastly underrated. All those Peanut punches and game changing plays! Not a first ballot HOFer but definitely deserves consideration down the road.

  7. Out of all those names, I only see 1 player that actually can be considered as a person who truly changed the game: Peyton Manning

    I guess soon the HOF will become equivalent to participation trophies!

  8. Andrew Luck? Not a chance. A few mostly good years before quitting is low even by today’s standards.

  9. Peyton, Calvin Johnson, Woodson, and maybe Vick should make it, but I don’t know if anyone else is first ballot. Maybe Logan Mankins but I’m not sure how he compares with all-time OLs.

    Deion is right, there shouldn’t be a minimum number each class, just whoever deserves 1st ballot should get votes, and just vote those only, not the top 5 or whatever it is now.

  10. 2021: C. Johnson, Manning, Woodson
    2022: Boldin, Smith, Ware, Wilfork (maybe)
    2023: Freeney, Harrison, Hester, Lechler, Thomas
    2024: Gates, Gronk, Ngata (maybe), Peppers
    2025: Manning

  11. Manning, Woodson, Allen and Johnson could be first ballot, but I think its just Manning and Woodson. I think Faneca, Boselli and Seymour next year with Pearson and Wistert or Gradishar, if its two seniors.

  12. only 2 on next years list stand out. peyton manning and charles woodson. c wood doesnt seem like a first ballot guy but peyton should definitely be in.

  13. Peyton Manning & Charles Woodson for sure.

    I’d like to see Darren Woodson get in finally too.

  14. How about this for some irony.

    Charles Woodson on first ballot. Peyton Manning no.

    It would be a direct line back to when Woodson won the Heisman and people cried because Peyton didn’t win.

    That would be worth the drama.

  15. Jerome Bettis is in, so I guess anybody that was pretty good for a handful of years should be in, esp if you have street cred.

  16. Let them all in. And, hey, I have been watching and attending since 1966. I think I should be added as a “special contributor”.

  17. For 2021 I’d have to think Woodson and Manning are locks to get in. For 2023 Revis and Joe Thomas are locks. For 2024 Antonio Gates is also a lock.

  18. Vick had some electric plays, and 6,0000 yards rushing is impressive; but he doesn’t have the longevity and stats to get serious consideration.

  19. Those saying Charles Woodson isn’t a 1st ballot guy must have never seen him play.

    Super Bowl champion (XLV)
    9× Pro Bowl (1998–2001, 2008–2011, 2015)
    4× First-team All-Pro (1999, 2001, 2009, 2011)
    4× Second-team All-Pro (2000, 2008, 2010, 2015)
    NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2009)
    NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (1998)
    2× NFL interceptions leader (2009, 2011)
    NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
    Most career defensive touchdowns: 13 (Tied with Rod Woodson and Darren Sharper)
    Tied for 5th on all time INT list – only Rod Woodson had more in the modern era

  20. @nflhistorybuff68 Hester was drafted as a CB – not a WR

    He’s the best Special Teams player of all time – Definitely gonna be in HOF

    February 6, 2020 at 8:13 pm
    Hester was great as a SP teams returner but a bust as a receiver. 36 total TDs isnt a HOF career.

  21. jahri evans was more dominant than max unger. In his prime he was one of the best guards ever. 4x first team all pro with a super bowl ring. Max unger, logan mankins, and nick mangold have 4 first team all pros combined (1-1-2). Is Jahri not technically retired?

  22. Is Calvin Johnson a lock? I would say yes. He was so good in his prime. We’ll see.

    As for the New England guys:

    Welker is an interesting case. Close, but not quite. The super bowl drop really hurts him, fair or not. Mankins was pretty good but played his worst in the big games. Somehow he played for 9 years with Tom Brady and never got a ring. Mayo was great at first, but he never matched his rookie season and became injury prone. Not even close to HoF caliber career. He does seem to have a bright future in coaching though.

  23. Canton is becoming a joke – this generation thinks that stats & a ring are all you need ….. you don’t have be around for very long : just help fans with their fantasy team , get a ring and bam you’re a HALL OF FAMER……

  24. I know this much, Herm Edward’s traded Jared Allen in the prime of his career, traded him the year after he led the league in sacks. (Jared only played in 12 games the year he led the league).

    The Chiefs just recently turned it around . But make no mistake, the worst decade in existence, started with the traded of Jared.

    Dudes a hall of Famer in my book. Man he was a beast.

  25. Calvin Johnson? Hall of fame? You’re kidding right?

    He was really really good and dominant and was a true #1 in every sense.

    But he was not a hall of famer.

  26. The fact that Joe Jacoby is not in the HOF shows what a joke the whole thing is. First team all pro 3 times, 4 pro bowls, 4 Super Bowls winning three of them. One of the most dominant players at his position for 12 years.

  27. I would rather see the first female official in NFL history … Sarah Thomas in the HOF before some of those players listed.

  28. Hall of Fame: 2021 – Manning, Woodson; 2022 – No one; 2023 – Lechler, Revis; 2024 – Gates, Gronkowski; 2025 – Kuechly.

    Hall of Very Good additions: 2021 – C. Johnson, Allen, Mankins; 2022 – A. Johnson, S. Smith, Ware; 2023 – Freeney, Bowman; 2024 – Peppers, Ngata; 2025 – No one else, yet.

  29. Jerome Bettis is in, so I guess anybody that was pretty good for a handful of years should be in, esp if you have street cred.
    Bettis still 7th in career rushing yards(he was 5th when he retired), was Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, 2 time All-Pro (1st team), Won the Walter Payton Award, rushed for over 1300 yards 3 times (including 1,665 yards in 15 games in 1997, he sat out the last game of the year).

    Not first ballot stats, perhaps, but he seems fairly worthy to me. And it was his fumble in the 2005 season playoffs that led to Roethilsberger making the second-most miraculous play in a Steelers play-off game.

  30. The list of potential Hall of Famers is getting laughable every year, it’s getting to the point where even if you were half-decent you have a chance to get in.
    This is just becoming a money making event for the Hall, instead of inducting just the “elite” players.

  31. The problem with the HOF is associating a player who is just one of 53 to a teams success. A player on a winning team doesn’t automatically make them better (and offensive player isn’t on defense, a receiver isn’t blocking on the OL). The HOF is full of these kinds of players who get in because of the 52 other guys on the team. A player doesn’t get to choose the team he is drafted by and in most cases have limited FA opportunities to pick and choose their team halfway into their career. Why punish them for ending up on the Jets, the Lions, the Browns, the Raiders, the Bengals, the Jaguars, the Dolphins, the Ravens, etc? But if a players career stats are solid and all time, just because the teams they were on failed to have Tom Brady, it shouldn’t DQ them from the Hall. I recognize that many of the those who have a vote remember names, not accomplishments. Just because a player has a big mouth, it shouldn’t help them to get to Canton.

  32. All I see here is people complaining that the Pro Football Hall of Fame is letting too many people in. How WRONG you all are.

    23,204 men have played in the NFL.

    Only 326 are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    That’s only 1.4% that get in.

  33. Brady should be first player in NFl History to be inducted to hall of fame while still playing especially if he wins a seventh title at 43 years old.


  34. Jared Allen for sure, the rest are all borderline, IMO. Allen exemplified the long, proud Minnesota tradition of year-in, year-out, best-in-league defenses. The only thing he might have going for him is that there are so many future HOF’ers on the current Minnesota defense, voters (i.e., haters) will try to keep him out due to an embarrassment of riches for this franchise.

  35. Peyton and Charles Woodson are the only two eligible in 2021 who belong in the HOF.

    However, Heath Miller will probably get elected because the HOF might be looking for another former Steeler to add to the ‘Steelers Who Do Not Belong in the HOF, But Are in the HOF’ wing; although that wing is already very crowded..

  36. There;s not many on these lists, honestly. Lots o really good career type people like Revis, MAngold, Bowman, Chancellor, Lorenzo Alexander, Welker, Mayo, Ngata, Andre Johnson, etc, etc, but very few that changed the game over a period of time.

    Wilfork pops out, Charles Woodson, Peyton Manning obviously, Boldin, Calvin Johnson, DeMarcus Ware (longevity/consistency and impact), Gronk, Peppers, Hester, maybe Freeney, etc.

    The problem with Freeney is, Seymour was the better all around player, so he has to go first if Freeney goes.

    Since Atwater made it, Rodney Harrison and John Lynch are slam dunks next year.

    Slippery slope here. The qualifiers can vary a little, but not a lot.

  37. kcbosch says:
    February 7, 2020 at 1:38 am
    The fact that Joe Jacoby is not in the HOF shows what a joke the whole thing is. First team all pro 3 times, 4 pro bowls, 4 Super Bowls winning three of them. One of the most dominant players at his position for 12 years.

    12 1 Rate This


    I agree. I don’t get how this happens and how certain names become blackballed. It’s the strangest thing. And then, you see names heralded at the same position. The only thing I can think of is the media liked a player more than another. How is Walter Jones for example, in the HOF, but Joe Jacoby isn’t?

    Jacoby owns 3 rings on 3 completely different Skins teams and was elite in the NFC for easily 10 years.

    Slam dunk, hall of famer based on other criteria in the past.

    Ken Riley, the CB from the Bungles in the 70s and early 80s? The guy has like 65 INTs in his career in a run based league. That’s insane! Cliff Branch. Another.

    There are so many. I hate how they keep moving the goalposts. Like, Terrell Davis who clearly didn’t play enough, has 2 rings, but Corey Dillon’s career blows his out of the water, and Dillon only had the 1 ring simply because of who he played for in 8 seasons before ending up in NE at the end of his career. Dillon was clearly the better back because he ran behind a crap O Line in Cincy and bad offense in general and then ran very well behind a better O Line in NE, but at the end of his career.

    Jerome Bettis was not better than Corey Dillon. His YPC is under 4 at 3.9. The guy was fat and slow. It’s ridiculous. People liked his personality and his nickname and he played for the Steelers. No one can name a famous play Bettis made other than choking at the goal line in Indy or just being durable and slightly above average for 12 years.

    Above average and durable is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but you’re not in the HOF.

    I could argue Matt Light should be in the HOF for 3 rings, 5 SB appearances and being the second best LT in the AFC for a decade behind Jonathan Ogden, fore example, protecting the greatest QB ever and his blindside, also part of the greatest offense ever in 2007.

    You have to look at the overall strengths of the resume and see if it actually raises above the qualifiers.

    If it doesn’t, they’re not in the HOF. Period. Jacoby is.

  38. If Devin Hester gets in then Steve Tasker must be voted in.

    Lots of players on this list shouldn’t make it. Toughest decisions will be guys like Kyle Williams who played near a pro-bowl level their whole career but never received much fanfare.

  39. If Hester makes it in Brad Childress and Chris Kluwe’s photos should be in his locker in Canton. There stubbornness in kicking/punting to the guy drove me crazy, it was as nerve wracking as watching a Blair Walsh FG/XP attempt at the end of his run in MN.

  40. Peyton Manning was the only lock I saw from all those names. Charles Woodson maybe. Looks like older guys like John Lynch and Zach Thomas will be getting in soon.

  41. People calling Corey Dillon better than Bettis are smoking crack. Wait.. they are just resentful Pats fanboys. Bettis is IN there, deal with it.

  42. nflhistorybuff68 says:
    February 7, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    Thats my point P Diddy …

    Hester failed as a CB
    Hester failed as a WR …only 16 career TDs

    Spectacular KO/PR … 20 TDs

    Great at Special Teams … nothing else


    No one is saying nominate him for anything other kick returns, your argument is a moot point and you’re obviously bitter about Hester being the greatest return man ever.

    Hester definitely should be in the HoF for his elite return talent.

  43. Andre Johnson has a higher career yards per game than Terrell Owens and Randy Moss (and everyone on the above list besides Calvin Johnson)…despite having to spend his prime years catching passes from guys like David Carr, Sage Rosenfels, T.J. Yates, Matt Schaub, Ken Dorsey and Ryan Mallett. Just saying.

  44. Trubisky is in the Hall of Fame verse the pathetic Lions.

    4-0 – UNDEFEATED against the Lions!

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