Antonio Brown found liable for damage to Miami apartment

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At a time when he has no money coming in, Antonio Brown will have more money going out.

According to, Brown has been found liable for damage to an apartment in Miami in connection with the incident that culminated in Brown allegedly throwing furniture and nearly hitting a toddler and his grandfather.

Brown argued that his former trainer was responsible for the damage, but the court found Brown legally responsible. In the next phase of the proceedings, the court will determine the amount that Brown must pay.

The verdict comes at a time when Brown has launched an attempted redemption tour, with an ESPN interview followed by a radio interview in Pittsburgh. He remains under investigation for multiple potential violations of the Personal Conduct Policy, including a civil allegation of sexual assault and rape.

45 responses to “Antonio Brown found liable for damage to Miami apartment

  1. lets see if he just pays and continues the apologize tour or, will the bi polar kick in and we get another social media melt down?

  2. “ AB is the victim here but”

    Personal responsibility for your own actions seems to be a foreign concept to you

  3. As the world turns according to A.B
    Tonight – Tweets that they can find me liable but I ain’t payin nothin
    Tomorrow – Arrested for threatening Judge
    Sunday – bailed from Jail and launches into tweet storm attacking everyone
    Monday – Heads to court for hearing wearing just pajamas
    Tuesday – Tweets firestorm about how the man is out to get him
    Wednesday – Threatens bodily harm to apartment owner
    Thursday – Claims Twitter account was hacked
    Friday – Tweets that concussion from Vontaze Burfict is the cause of all of his trouble
    Saturday – Tweets apology to all and quite Twitter
    Sunday – Back on Twitter under new handle

  4. cardinealsfan2o says:
    February 7, 2020 at 8:10 pm
    AB is the victim here but… haters gonna hate cuz that what they dew.
    He is a victim of two things, his own character and the enabling he has received for at least a decade.

  5. It had to be his former trainer. AB, just said in a recent interview that he doesn’t have an anger issue. Really, AB, no anger issues, cussing out cops responding to a domestic situation at your house, throwing furniture out of a window, attacking a delivery driver, denting the delivery truck with a rock. Yeah, no anger issues there.

  6. Would people actually even considering hiring this guy?? Is so it reminds me of the old comedian…. As Jacov Smirnov use to say “What a Country”.

  7. Brown’s problems were created by Brown, and Brown is paying the price. Brown is a grown man, and he should act as such. The Steelers were Browns employer, did they give him the “star treatment”, without a doubt. However, they did exactly what every other team in the NFL would have done when the antics were not as outlandish as they have become over the last year and a half. The Raiders saw what he was, and they couldn’t wait to get him, then the Patriots grabbed him up even after watching the meltdown with two other teams. So, according to some, the Raiders and Pats, who both offered him a King’s ransom to play for them, were also enablers, I guess?? After all, both just reinforced Browns thinking that he could do what he wanted and still get paid. No, Brown and Brown only, is to blame for his woes. But, it fits with today’s thinking, why place the blame where it should be when you can point the finger at someone else…..

  8. ……well. we all know one thing. AB can NEVER use “Affluenza” as a defense like “some” people.


  9. I wonder if he danced around after hearing this news like he did when he found out Oakland cut him and his $30M guaranteed.

  10. …when in fact, Antonio Brown should be found liable for damage to the National Football League.

  11. Dickens once wrote…” We are bound by the chains we forge..”..
    ’bout sums it up….

    A year spiral such as this… SMH is sad….worst for him is the multiple lawsuits to come..he effectively has killed his whole career..

  12. So, he still has been convicted of nothing and was simply monitarily responsible for his trainer’s actions since it was his appartment. Give the guy a break, you sickos.

  13. IF, and that is a BIG “IF”, the trainer did do it, AB could still go after him to recover. Yes, AB was responsible to the apartment owners because he was the signatory on the contract, but IF the trainer did it, he could/would be responsible to AB.

  14. Why do we give ink to the NFL screw-ups…? There are a lot of good people out there that deserve the time and written word. Not the immature little boys like AB

  15. cardinealsfan2o says:
    February 7, 2020 at 8:47 pm
    People hating on AB are the same as those who support ICE. And they hate Kap too
    Yeah. What’s your point?

  16. Mick Lovin’ says:
    February 7, 2020 at 8:42 pm
    Antonio Brown is the gift that keeps on giving
    Yeah, like herpes.

  17. Who cares ??? Any luck at all, he will never play again for anybody. Go away, your a joke!!

  18. No one knows, no matter what posts claim. For now, hopeful that this actually jolted him into an awakening. It’ll take time and actions to find that out. If it’s CTE, chances obviously aren’t good.

  19. badboysgetspanked says:
    February 7, 2020 at 11:30 pm
    I wish I had time to care about this.


    Yet you mustered the time to read and comment…?

  20. Mick Lovin’ says:
    February 7, 2020 at 8:42 pm
    Antonio Brown is the gift that keeps on giving
    Only for people who look to see someone else’s fall from grace as way to feel better about never accomplishing anything in their own life.

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