Browns mascot Swagger the dog dies at 6

Getty Images

Swagger, a bull mastiff who served as the Cleveland Browns’ mascot and stood by his team through a lifetime of losing records, has died at the age of 6.

“Swagger unfortunately has passed away completely unexpected this afternoon,” Justin McLaughlin, whose family owned Swagger, wrote on Facebook. “A lot of people did not know Swagger had been dealing with cancer for the past year. Today he had a stroke and it took his life. We will always remember him as the most loving dog we have ever encountered. His love was felt by thousands of people literally all over the world!”

Swagger retired in October and was replaced by his son, Swagger Jr., also known as SJ, in November.

The Browns brought the 145-pound Swagger on as a mascot during the 2014 season, and he fit right in with the Dawg Pound. He was known for enthusiastically running onto the field before home games and taking pictures with fans.