Dwayne Haskins is “cool” with quarterback competition

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While everyone expects Dwayne Haskins to remain Washington’s starting quarterback in 2020 — they did draft him 15th overall after all — coach Ron Rivera has made it clear Haskins will have to earn the job.

Rivera repeatedly has talked about a quarterback competition, even bringing up Alex Smith‘s name.

Haskins, 22, spoke to reporters for the first time since Rivera addressed his job.

That’s cool,” Haskins told reporters Friday at a community event sponsored by the team, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “I’m just going to have to work hard and eventually take it over. Just do your best to be accountable for what you have to do and be ready to go.”

Haskins went 2-5 as the team’s starter his rookie season, throwing seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. But in his final six quarters, Haskins completed 72 percent of his passes for 394 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions.

Haskins has talked to Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner and used the word “excited” more than once.

Rivera said Haskins needs to “step up and become a leader,” challenging the quarterback publicly.

“[Rivera’s] a guy who’s going to hold you accountable and make sure you put the work in,” Haskins said. “I’m all for that, so I’m excited.”

If Smith can return healthy — which remains an “if” — Washington could have a quarterback battle. If not, it’s Haskins’ job.

Case Keenum has conceded his future is “probably not” in Washington, and Colt McCoy is scheduled to become a free agent in March.

That leaves Haskins and Smith.

Smith recently acknowledged he was “very much lucky to be alive” following an infection that turned septic. It necessitated an extended process aimed at saving his life and then saving his leg.

Rivera, though, is challenging Haskins to respond this offseason and prove he is the franchise quarterback Washington believed him to be on draft day.

24 responses to “Dwayne Haskins is “cool” with quarterback competition

  1. What is Haskins supposed to say – that he feels disrespected that he’s not being handed the starting job? Slow media day in the NFL world I suppose.

  2. I mean, when a second-year 1st-round QB has to “compete” for the job, then that tells you how they fee about him. May as well just give him the Josh Rosen treatment and draft Tua

  3. Hopefully he doesn’t miss the competition while taking selfies with fans.

  4. The Skins should think things through practically and proceed the way the Arizona Cardinals did when they pull the plug after one season with Josh Rosen, Now you are not totally pulling the plug on Haskins but just have him chill on the sidelines.

    If i was the GM of the skins i would go and get me jameis Winston because say what you will about Winston he had Tampa bay with the 4th best Offense in the league where every week you never put it pass them to beat just about any team. Washington Offense was Ranked 31st in the league and DEAD LAST in Passing.

    if Jameis Winston was to end up with Washington the Teams in that division would differently sit up and have to take notice since despite his turnovers just ask the Los Angeles Rams how painfully Embarrassing that 55-40 beat down at the hand of jameis and company.

  5. If Alex Smith is somehow healthy then he’s better than what we last saw from Dwayne in 2019…and (Im a Giants fan)…I actually thought that Haskins was starting to look legit in the latter part of the season.

    From a cap standpoint, you cant cut Smith in 2020, and the meager cap savings if you cut him in 2021 are almost non-existent.

    Unless Haskins is a bum…and I dont think that he is….you almost have to look to trade Smith THIS year.

    If Smith is the starter in 2020, then you dont know what you really have with Dwayne going into year 3 of his rookie deal.

    That’s a dilemma. Assuming Alex is healthy, the skins have to err on the side of caution and look to move Smith NOW…they aint winning the SB next year.

  6. Lots of hate for Haskins but I think hes going to be fine despite all of this hate!!!! Did any of you see how he played late in the season?…Dude was ballin’

  7. Haskins is a bust, the Skins need to bring in another QB otherwise they will come to regret it. If they don’t bring in a veteran or draft another a rookie to push Haskins it’ll just set them back another full year in their rebuild, no one outside of DC believes Haskins is the guy in DC going forward & the future of face of that franchise.

  8. All successful corporations thrive because of intense competition. Without it they become stable and ultimately become extinct.
    I’ve said it before, aside from maybe 5 or 6 QB’s, the level of play of a lot of these QB’s stink. We’re not asking for scoring touchdowns all the time, just move the chains consistently. I would love to see a complete game where there’s not even 3 downs and a punt. A QB/offensive coordinator just at least deliver 2 first downs on every drive. No one QB should be handed the starting job that easily. It doesn’t work that way in the corporate world. You produce or you go the unemployment line.

  9. Who better to mentor Dwayne than Alex Smith? Play Alex if he’s ready and have Dwayne learn the game as Mahomes did in KC.

  10. Haskins is just a kid. But he showed his character on draft night. Smirking, shaking his head in disgust, saying ‘the league done messed up’ after NY selected Daniel Jones instead of him. Jones showed nothing but class in his rookie season and went on to throw 5 TDs when he faced Haskins. DJ appears to be light years more mature than DH.

  11. Haskins left college with few starts so he was always going to need to have several seasons of harsh losing to grow. When Payton Manning and Troy Aikman were drafted, losing terribly for several years was the norm. Both threw dozens of INTs their first few seasons. Now, the norm is a high drafted QB must be able to win an SB by year 3. Haskins simply is not a Maholmes and Washington does not have the patience to see if he can grow to be an Aikman.

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