John Lynch on his timeout signal: “I watch the game with emotion because I care”

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The criticism of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan for failing to take time outs at the end of the first half of Super Bowl LIV has been fueled by the fact that the General Manager of the 49ers seemed to agree with the critics.

In the midst of the tiiiick . . . tick-tick-tick . . . tiiiick of the moments, cameras owned and operated by John Lynch’s most recent former employer showed him making a timeout signal with his hands. On Thursday, sitting elbow to elbow with Shanahan, Lynch explained his actions.

“I think it’s just as if I was a player looking at the sidelines saying, ‘Timeout, timeout,'” Lynch told reporters. “I was thrilled for our guys. I get excited watching these games. Not much I can do up there, but I’ve got these guys’ backs. It’s not my role to do time management. I don’t focus a lot on it. I was proud of our guys getting a big stop. That was my initial reaction.”

That makes sense. But then Lynch kept going, and his next comments did little to extinguish the notion that the timeouts should have been used.

“Paraag [Marathe] does study a lot of time management,” Lynch said. “I’m also asking him, ‘Should we get the timeout?’ That’s all it was.”

In other words, Marathe’s response apparently was, “Yes.” Otherwise, Lynch doesn’t make the timeout signal.

“It was quickly erased when they almost pinned us at the half-yard line [on a punt],” Lynch added, and Shanahan separately explained that concern over getting pinned contributed to the decision to let the clock run. “Kyle knows that. I watch the game with emotion because I care. That’s all that was.”

Lynch definitely cares about the outcome. He had been 1-0 in Super Bowl experiences. He’s now 1-1.

“It stinks, you know, it really does,” Lynch said. “I think having it in your grasp and you’ve got such a group of men, a locker room, that just cares. They care about each other, they have each other’s back. We’ve answered seemingly, we didn’t win every game, it wasn’t perfect, but we answered every call. To not finish the deal, it hurts. That will stick with us for a lifetime. But to me it’s about what you do going forward. I think the one thing I would say, too, for all the negativity, or perceived negativity, I also know that I got off the plane, I went to my daughter’s basketball game, I can’t tell you how many people came up and said, ‘Thank you.’ To all the people out there that appreciate that, appreciate the effort of the team, Kyle and his staff, we are appreciative. I think a big part of the turnaround, getting to the Super Bowl, now our goal was to win the Super Bowl, we all know that, but just the feeling that has on this community, the Faithful, the fans, when we go on the road, at home, having the excitement back in here in Levi’s, a lot of positive things transpired. We can’t forget about that.”

There’s no reason to think there won’t be more positive things in 2020. But getting back to the Super Bowl and winning it won’t be easy. The 49ers will have a big target on their backs this year, and they have to contend with the Seahawks, Rams, and an improving Cardinals team in their own division. Besides, only one team has lost the Super Bowl and then won the next one since the 1971-72 Dolphins. And that was the 2017-18 Patriots.

13 responses to “John Lynch on his timeout signal: “I watch the game with emotion because I care”

  1. Shanny made mistake, similar to his play calling post Julio. He us just too arrogant to admit errors. Next year the time management guy will talk to coach during game. What good is he if not connected?

  2. As a Chiefs fan, a tiny bit of me felt bad watching John Lynch on the sideline. The look of disappointment on his face. Either way, I couldn’t be more proud of my super bowl champion Chiefs.

  3. At least John Lynch got a good look at the Chief’s comeback since he came down to the sideline late in the fourth quarter. My guess is that he thought they had the game.

  4. I feel for San Fran, the jets needed to bring a time clock manager Bill Curl to stand next to Hernm Edwards because he just couldn’t figure it out and he still hasnt

  5. With the field position,time left before halftime, and the flow of the game it looked to me Shanahan did the proper thing by not calling timeout. The strategy there is don’t give Mahomes time to score but play for a field goal if possible It was working perfectly until the PI on Kittle.

  6. Obviously he should have called a timeout. You can’t coach in the Super Bowl afraid of what the other team may or may not do. Shanahan coached not to lose where he needed to coach to win the game. You can’t win a Super Bowl by coaching not to lose.

  7. A better question for Lynch would have been “John, given what happened to Arthur Blank when he stood on the sidelines, why did you feel compelled to follow in Arthur’s footsteps?

  8. John jumped the gun he seems to be looked at as the owner instead of GM. Being on the side lines lynch sure counted his chickens before they hatched. If he wants to coach than be the coach

  9. “A better question for Lynch would have been “John, given what happened to Arthur Blank when he stood on the sidelines, why did you feel compelled to follow in Arthur’s footsteps?”

    I agree with this, but at least he wasn’t dancing.

  10. Lynch was right, with the timeout at 1:42 it helps the offence after the KC punt.
    They had plenty of time to score. After a big run by Mostert with 2:30 left in the game, they also could have ran another play and try to get to the 50yd line before the two minute warning but they squandered those 30 seconds.

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