Panthers hire another Baylor guy for football ops

Getty Images

Matt Rhule continues to collect former Baylor co-workers for his new Panthers staff, but they have one significant vacancy that has yet to be filled.

As mentioned by Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio, Sean Padden has been hired as the Panthers as their vice president of football operations.

He previously worked with Rhule at Baylor, Temple, and Albright, so he’s another known commodity on a staff full of them.

While this job reports to General Manager Marty Hurney, this isn’t the front office addition owner David Tepper alluded to earlier in the year when discussing a restructured front office. Tepper mentioned a title which included “vice president” for that slot, but that’s not the job Padden is filling.

They’re eventually going to hire an assistant General Manager to groom under and eventually replace Hurney, but that spot may not be filled until after the draft.