Rams’ and Chargers’ stadium promises “big breakthrough” with 4K video

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NFL attendance hit a 15-year low last season, and one of the reasons is that the home viewing experience is getting so good that the in-stadium experience struggles to keep up. SoFi Stadium, the new home of the Rams and Chargers, seeks to change that.

Stadium officials say they’ll have the first ever 4k HDR video system in a stadium, and it will be a revolutionary video system that beats anything in any other stadium in the world.

This is a big breakthrough,” SoFi Stadium’s Chief Technology Officer Skarpi Hedinsson said, via TheRams.com.

The stadium will have a 120-yard-long video board above the field that’s oval-shaped and double-sided, giving fans in every seat a good view. The goal is to have a better viewing experience than at home, no matter how good a home theater setup you have.

“We’re trying to create a better guest experience, a better fan experience,” Hedinsson said. “How do we create content? How do we give our guests the best possible show when they come to Hollywood Park? And I think that was the primary driver. But I think having a center home board, it opens up a lot of other possibilities in the building.”

When completed, the video board will weigh 2.2 million pounds.

23 responses to “Rams’ and Chargers’ stadium promises “big breakthrough” with 4K video

  1. So pay to attend a game and watch it on television there lol. But seriously, that sounds like something that would attract millennials. If they could sit in the stands and watch it on their phone then that would be the ultimate for them.

  2. they make a huge assumption that people stay home is because the viewing quality. I challenge the brain trust there that people stay home because of cost and it is the comfort of their home. Not what the tv they are watching the game on. I do assume thought that they will not have that irritating scroll that passes by every second of the game telling me who is the 10th ranked TE in fantasy points that week is.

  3. I took my son to a Chicago Bears Game yeah I know waste of money but I spent close to 400 with tickets parking and food for just 2 people and prices will go up again next year so I rather sit home and not be grabbed by the ankles flipped upside down and jiggled all my hard working money out of my pockets.

  4. As a Bostonian living in Chicago, I have to get NFL Sunday ticket to watch patriots games. Whenever my red Sox, Patriots, or Bruins are playing in Chicago, I wont go. The prices are absurd. Red Sox seats for a bleacher seat against the White Sox whom draw MAYBE 20,oo per game was 75 bucks. Patriots Bears tickets in 2018 were 295 a pop, that excludes parking/tailgating. Now that my 2 year agreement with DirecTV is up, im done with cable, and will just find an alternative way to stream my teams games. Going to a bar doesn’t do me any good. Even though my wife is a Chicagoan, she agrees that the prices are out of control. Who the hell PAYS TO GO and WATCH a TV Screen at a stadium?!

  5. Fact is the chargers will end up with about 10 to 20 thousand fans at Kroenke stadium.Maybe less without Philip Rivers. The chargers will be led by some retread or they’ll throw a rookie to the dogs which will be another massive mistake by Spanos. Brady’s not playing for the chargers as they have no offensive line and he’ll end up on his back most of the time and Spanos won’t pay him big money. Spanos will be giving tickets away to get 20,000 into the stadium for charger games.

  6. 2.2 million lbs ?and when that comes crashing down how many people will be hurt”or killed”even those sky cameras come crashing down and they weigh WAY LESS.

  7. Attendance at a fifteen year low? Yeah, look at the cost of tickets, especially in the secondary market. It’ll take a lot more than a pretty scoreboard to get me into a stadium more than once or twice a year.

  8. The LA fan base never took to the Chargers, and they have already bailed on the Rams just a year removed from a Super Bowl appearance. Nothing will change that. What casual fan will be enticed to attend a game there because of a video board? None.

    The only way the Chargers will fill that stadium is if they get another 60,000 ticket guarantee like they had in San Diego in the 90′.

  9. theaveragecharlie says:
    February 8, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Attendance at a fifteen year low? Yeah, look at the cost of tickets, especially in the secondary market. It’ll take a lot more than a pretty scoreboard to get me into a stadium more than once or twice a year.

    We all see all of the empty seats at games of teams like Cincy, Miami, Wash, both NY teams, TB, Cleveland and several others but the NFL tries to hide it and on their website they claim there are 60-78K at those games when you look up the attendance figures but my eyes tell me there isn’t 25% of that at a lot of those games! I’d bet that a couple of the Miami games there wasn’t 10,000 people in the seats, I wonder how long the NFL will continue to bury their head in the sand about the true attendance figures? The NFL is going down the same road as NASCAR did 10-15yrs ago and they will find out just like NASCAR did that once you price the average fans out and they leave its nearly if not impossible to get them back!

    Hell at the Ravens/Titans Playoff game the mid and upper tiers were 25-35% empty…….. at a Playoff game!

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