Steve Spagnuolo hopes to get another head-coaching opportunity

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Of all the potential head-coaching candidates who didn’t get serious consideration in the most recent hiring cycle, here’s one who maybe should have gotten a little more attention: Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning defensive coordinator had a three-year stint as head coach of the Rams. By helping to improve the Kansas City defense, Spagnuolo could start getting mentioned again for head-coaching opportunities.

Would he be interested?

Oh, certainly,” Spagnuolo told Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio. “Listen, that desire and passion never changes. But I will say this . . . I’m a blessed man to have the job I have. If it’s not in God’s plans, I’m OK with that. But I’ve always kept preparing myself that way. It would be great if it happened, and if not, again, I’m very fortunate to be where I am.”

Spagnuolo’s tenure with the Rams results in a 10-38 record, with a one-win season and a two-win campaign sandwiching 7-9 in 2010. The question becomes whether someone will give Spagnuolo another chance, or whether he’ll be regarded as another very good coordinator who should remain a coordinator and not take the next step, like Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, and Hue Jackson.

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  1. He’s overrated as a DC….Giants talent carried him…he flopped without it. And now his D has Mahomes to carry them. He should be happy to be a DC and forget HC.

  2. Going 1-15, and 2-14 as a head coach usually means you’re not getting another chance. Especially when you follow that up as the DC of the defense that gave up the most yards in the league’s history.

  3. Spags was a horrible head coach of a horrible team. He was an insecure micro-manager that struggled with delegating duties. One of his first actions after getting hired was to remove all the pictures of the St. Louis Rams that adorned the hallways and such, and especially their Greatest-Show-on-Turf days pictures. Guess he knew that bar was set too high so he didn’t need any reminders. Has he changed? I would have my doubts.

  4. Spags went to an organization that had bottomed out after a decade of mismanagement. The Rams went through an ownership change while he was there, imposed a cash freeze so he couldn’t spend money in FA, then the NFL lockout wiped out an offseason where he was trying to install a new offense.

    He didn’t win very much in St Louis, but seriously, look at the players he had there. Steven Jackson and very little else. Probably the most talent poor roster in football.

  5. The Kansas City Chiefs with a 31st rank defense last season was one offside penalty from getting to the Super Bowl so the chiefs as long as Mahomes is there and healthy is going to be just fine.

    I don’t mind if the chiefs defense goes back to being really really bad because then we get Texas Tech Mahomes playing in one gear getting unleash on us. let’s face it Andy Reid play calling in the super bowl was ultra-conservative due to the fact the game was close and he was also too concerned about the 49ers pass rush. They were deep plays to be had but it was never dial-up.

    The answer was right there late in the 4th for Andy when Mahomes went NO HUDDLE, Had the Chiefs came out and ran NO HUDDLE for large portions of the game they would have won in a BLOWOUT, due to the fact it would have caused lots of confusion and breakdown in the 49ers secondary along with having Bosa and company tongue dragging on the field from Exhaustion.

  6. That is a great ambition to have, being so driven to get a job that only 32 people in the entire world have…and get it twice. I admire it. But…I’ve never understood why more people in the NFL do not seem to understand that a successful head coach has a different skill set than a successful coordinator. It’s like a plumber working on a house being built that wants to be a general contractor. Just because you’re a brilliant plumber doesn’t mean you understand what the electrician needs to be doing, installing HVAC or how to pour the foundation. Some do…some know a couple of those things…most don’t anything beyond how to be a brilliant plumber.

  7. For years Tom Brady was the best QB in the league so his team was winning super bowls, and everyone wanted to hire their assistant coaches in hopes that they’d be able to turn their team into winners. It never happened. Now, low and behold, Patrick Mahomes has become the best QB in the league, so here we go with the Chief’s assistants. I’m not joking. Its already starting. All the coaches suddenly look a lot smarter because Mahomes is an awesome QB. Even the defensive coaches. You’d think Eric Bienemy’s phone would be ringing off the hook. No?

  8. charliecharger says:
    February 8, 2020 at 10:58 pm
    For years Tom Brady was the best QB in the league so his team was winning super bowls
    Brady has had the luxury of top ten defenses and special rules just for the patriots. Belichick should of been kicked out the league the first time he was caught cheating.

  9. I’m impressed with what he did with a lot of the same players as last year.

    With the Chiefs, Spags doesn’t have to have a top ten defense. If he can coach up an average defense or better, the Chiefs are in great shape.

  10. Lifelong Rams fan here, and he was a horrible head coach. He made me miss Scott Linehan! Insecure, conservative and micro-manager. Also when he was interim with the Giants he was incredibly conservative with a bad team when he should have been taking chances. No way.

  11. charliecharger says:

    For years Tom Brady was the best QB in the league so his team was winning super bowls, and everyone wanted to hire their assistant coaches in hopes that they’d be able to turn their team into winners. It never happened. Now, low and behold, Patrick Mahomes has become the best QB in the league, so here we go with the Chief’s assistants.

    Andy Reid assistants have been coveted for years, Nagy in Chicago, Peterson in Philly, and Harbaugh in Baltimore are examples.

  12. I guess no one recalls that Bill Belichek was a bad hc his first time around. People who learn from their mistakes – like taking the Rams Jon in the first place – can recover.

  13. Rob, if you ever see the Cleveland 95 documentary on the NFL Network, you will be aware that Belichick was building something with that Browns team, but it got cut short because of the loathsome owner who announced he was moving the team to Baltimore – and thus created turmoil within the team. Belichick ‘s mistake was not keeping the team focused. Modell fired him as he had fired Paul Brown and Bob Kraft will tell you that it all worked out in the end.😁

    Spags deserves another chance as a HC, but he he has to be careful as it is often two strikes and you are out in this league.

  14. Spags improved the Defense just enough to get that SB ring. Hopefully he sticks around to get a few more.

  15. nothing against Spagnuolo but in New Orleans we like to forget that he was ever here. That 2012 season they suspended Sean Payton and took the draft picks is something you wanna forget.

  16. He was not well served by the personnel around him in St Louis plus the organization was being run by an incompetent bean counter (Zigmut)that he was doomed from the start. That being said he just may be one of those who is a good DC but not a head coach. May deserve a second chance depending on what happens next year.

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