Dee Ford not expected to have offseason knee surgery

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The 49ers traded for Dee Ford after the Chiefs gave him a franchise tag and then signed him to a five-year deal to be a leading force for their pass rush, but he didn’t wind up playing as big a role as expected.

Ford notched 6.5 sacks, which was good for fourth on the team, but played just 22 percent of the team’s defensive snaps during the regular season. A hamstring injury limited him to four snaps over the final six weeks of the regular season and he dealt with knee problems after getting hurt during training camp.

While the knee remained an issue all year, General Manager John Lynch said at a press conference last week that Ford isn’t expected to have surgery this offseason.

“Not as we know right now,” Lynch said, via the Sacramento Bee. “We’ll have those conversations. But, I think Dee is in good health right now.”

The 49ers’ depth on the defensive line meant they could afford having Ford playing a smaller role than expected, but Arik Armstead is set for free agency this offseason and his departure would make Ford’s health more significant in 2020.

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  1. This is probably the biggest reason KC moved on from Ford. He’s had injury issues his whole career and although sometimes he’s toughed it out and played, he’s been completely ineffective when he isn’t 100%. I’m surprised to hear Lynch say he’s in good health now though because he was invisible in the SB.

  2. I believe that 5 year contract left an out for the 49er’s after the 1st year that if they were to cut him it would be a minimal hit in dead money somewhere around $6 million. with all the young and upcoming talent on this team and his lack of production due to injury in 2019…i would not be surprised to see him let go.

  3. Ford was a missing man in the Super Bowl. Bosa, Buckner, and Armstead all made significant contributions to the 49er defense. I don’t recall hearing Ford’s name at all. Coupled with Ford’s spotty availability due to injury, SF has to wonder if he’s lived up to the big contract.

  4. Begin the big dismantle.

    Whiners were at bat with the bases loaded and two outs in the ninth game of the WS and Crappollo struck out on three straight pitches.

  5. This Ford transmission should be rebuilt because the car was in the garage most of the time. It’s an expensive, powerful car but can’t run when owner needs it.

  6. Ford not going anywhere, he makes the whole D-line better, but hey don’t look at the stats or anything. KC won because of the refs, not because of superior football play. The holds by KC oline was plain as day but no flags. The refs even went gave Tyreke hill a fist bump after nodding his head in compliance with what hill was telling him. I thought the refs were neutra.

  7. Did Ford play in the Super Bowl? 21 unanswered points in the 4th quarter.

    Seems the media is talking about the wrong defense… KC only gave up 24 points, in the second half, in the entire playoffs. 8 points a game in the 2nd half, against the NFC champs and 2 other afc playoff teams.

    The 49’ers gave up 21 points in just 6.5 minutes.

  8. The entire 49ers D line will spent off season in Chiropractor clinic for neck, arm, shoulder strains…due to the holds from the Chiefs Oline. Some the linemen‘s Jersey was torn because the Chiefs wouldn’t let go.

  9. Whiners still whining about their ineffective DLine?

    I’m going to throw out a wild thought.

    Maybe your offensive genius coach, $30M QB and WWE tight end should have scored more than 20 points vs the 17th ranked defense in the NFL.


  10. He better get that knee fixed.

    It was a problem before the season started but they thought it would be okay but it flared up and that’s why he missed time early in the season and Dee said he would get it fixed in the off season.

    It will flare up again if you don’t get it fixed so take care of it now!

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