XFL’s Dallas Renegades have ads on their helmets

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In the XFL’s opening weekend, one of the eight teams has trotted out a sponsorship device that the NFL surely would love to incorporate into its advertising portfolio.

In the lower left corner of the back of the Dallas Renegades helmet appears a subtle but unmistakable Bud Light Seltzer ad. According to an XFL spokesperson, the Renegades are the only team to have uniform advertising, for now.

The NFL has never had in-game uniform advertising of any kind, other than the logo of the company that makes the uniforms — which unmistakably is an ad. (The NFL has had corporate names and logos on practice jerseys for more than a decade.) The XFL uniforms, made by Custom Outfitters of Miami, include no logos or other designation of the company.

Again, the key word for any and all XFL uniform advertising is “for now.” With an ad already on the back of the helmet, it’s obvious that the XFL is willing to enhance its revenue with uniform and helmet ads, at the right price.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. If, like NASCAR, the NFL had infiltrated its uniforms with ads from the inception of the league in 1920, no one would care if the uniforms were littered with corporate names and logos now.

Eventually, the NFL will cross that bridge. If the XFL thrives while embracing uniform advertising, that could make it easier for the NFL to follow suit.

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  1. And it didn’t help them win because the BattleHawks pulled off the greatest upset in XFL history, they were 9 1/2 point underdog’s but they battled the whole game to win

  2. I mean, you’re right there’s nothing WRONG with it. I just think it looks awful. I like the EPL, for instance, but the giant ads on their unis still bother me… but what frankly bothers me more is when kids buy those unis and walk around with “fly Emirates” on their shirt. I don’t like the fact that he sponsor gets to monetize the kids to advertise a product without them really even realizing it.

  3. crookedcreek1893 says:
    February 9, 2020 at 7:57 pm
    If doing this kind of stuff will allow a cut down on commercials, do it.
    Your post gave me a chuckle with the realization that it will *always* be ‘in addition to’ rather than ‘cut down.’

  4. NFL will soon learn, as international sports already have, that sponsor logos set the era of the uniform. A Manchester United uniform with the Chevy logo tells history that it is a 2008-2012 (or whenever) example.

  5. I LIKE this League, WHY?
    The teams are evenly Matched, I have already noticed a couple players that stand out, They didn’t put 1 game on Broadcast TV then put the rest on Cable pay channels like the Alliance scrub league, (I felt duped).
    They have some clever rules and game details, The Kickoffs, and 1/2/3 point conversions, I still wish a regular extra Point would be available. The Punt and Kickoff end zone and out of bound rules are cool. Faster pace of the games, only 2 time outs per half per team. Hearing the plays called is very cool. I haven’t really found anything I do NOT like about it. These players are playing hard and giving it their all unlike the over paid cry babies in the NFL! Please help me in keeping this League going by WATCHING it and spreading the word.

  6. I’ve never understood buying ad space on team’s PRACTICE jerseys. For the most part the only people that see them are the players and coaches at practice…..

  7. Advertising has just taken over everything, it’s always in your face, everywhere.
    I remember when cable came out, the main appeal of it was ‘no commercials’.
    But now it’s back even bigger than ever. During one recent football game, my son and I counted FOURTEEN consecutive commercials during one break.
    I’m also old enough to remember when you could ‘channel surf’ to sample what was on. No more. It’s all commercials.

  8. Please XFL, don’t give Roger any ideas. There’s too many commercials as is, now he will want to advertise on the uniforms.

  9. This version of the XFL may succeed. They have some things that are good differences (improvements?) over the NFL, and don’t have the gimmicky stuff (He Hate Me) that the first XFL iteration had. And it’s only been Week 1, but the St. Louis-Dallas game at least was very entertaining. I hope they stick around, if not only to curb the growing arrogance of the NFL.

  10. “Attendance was awful… Not a good sign for week 1…. This league is one and done”

    This is a hurdle every new league has to overcome: Unrealistic expectations. They’re never going to sell out large stadiums but if they have the right business model and a realistic plan they won’t have to. People aren’t ever going to turn out like they do for the NFL and major college football, and that’s to be expected. If you start a new shoe company you don’t throw in the towel Day 1 because you’re not outselling Nike.

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