Darius Slay wants to be the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL

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Lions cornerback Darius Slay wants to be the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL.

Slay responded to a tweet listing the highest-paid cornerbacks in the NFL by saying that those top contracts are too low.

The highest-paid cornerback in the NFL right now, based on average pay per year, is Xavien Howard, whose contract with the Dolphins pays him $15.1 million a year. Slay made clear he wants more than that.

Slay is heading into the final year of his contract and is slated to make a $10 million base salary and another half-million in roster and workout bonuses. Clearly, he wants quite a bit more than that. He may hold out of training camp if he doesn’t get that.

Slay is one of the Lions’ top players, and General Manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia have been given a win-or-else mandate from ownership, so it seems likely that they’ll be eager to keep him happy so he doesn’t hold out. They may give Slay a big deal that reduces his $13.4 million cap hit this year to give the team more flexibility in free agency, while pushing huge cap hits to future years. Those contracts sometimes come back to bite teams, but the Lions want to win now.

21 responses to “Darius Slay wants to be the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL

  1. It is good to have a goal, although best of luck to Slay in becoming the top paid CB when Jalen Ramsey is about to get paid by the Rams.

    And it isn’t like Rams have an issue with resetting a market for any position.

  2. Who? Look, Slay is a good player but he’s not elite. and highest paid? You still have to better your game and maybe win a DPOY to even think about that.

  3. He is a great player but he’s also on the downside of 30 years old.. The Lions need to trade him and get more draft assets. It’s not like they are going to win anything with this team anyways.

  4. Long time Lions fan here. It should be clear that Slay wants out of Detroit. He has not gotten along with Patricia since he arrived. Patty’s cleaning out of old secondary (Quinn, Diggs), poor defensive scheming (off the charts poor pass rush, near record yards allowed), and insecure/overcompensating personality – has ruffled feathers.

    Would Slay stay in Detroit – sure, who wouldn’t after receiving record money. But these demands make clear he wants to play elsewhere.

    At 3-13 (and with no secondary depth) the Quinn/Patricia combo finds a way to take yet another step back…

  5. 3 years, 36 million seems like a fair price for a player of his age and recent production

    At least he is making his demands known now instead of after the training camp and the draft, allowing the team to make contingency plans before draft and free agency.

    We’ll see how it shakes down, but I don’t think the Lions will be making the playoffs no matter which way this crumbles.

  6. How honorable. The difference between making 11 million and 16 million a year must be pretty profound.

    Wait…it isn’t.

  7. He’s going to hold out. No way anybody pays him that. If he has a bad year this year, then he will make even less the next year. He needs a good year as bad as his coach does. He should bet on himself, show up for camp and play great, and make the Lions or somebody else come to the table in a big way when he is a free agent.

  8. Darius Slay is the most overrated CB in the league.

    He averages 2.7 INTs a season. If he becomes the highest paid CB in the league he’s basically the Jay Cutler of CBs.

    He is the most average secondary player in the league.

  9. First of all Darius, you ain’t worth it, you get burned often – Secondly, you play for the Detroit Lions, and thirdly, you’re not going to be paid so bye-bye and good riddins.

  10. I would like to see a base salary for every position, rookies included. Factor in time in the league. Then, incentives based on personal and team accomplishments.
    In Slay’s case: Base salary of, say, $5 million. Incentives for passes defensed, interceptions, sacks, tackles, ranking as a defensive back, etc. Deductions for getting beat for a td, missed tackles, etc. Let him earn his high salary.

    That is probably why I am not a GM.

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