Is an amicable divorce possible for the Patriots and Tom Brady?

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Tom Brady arrived in New England like a lamb. He may be going out like a lion.

With each passing hour, we’re getting closer to finding out whether Brady will, or won’t, play for the Patriots in 2020. If the end result is an end to a 20-year relationship, the chances of an amicable divorce may be minimal.

Peter King points out in Monday’s Football Morning in America a quote that Tom Brady Sr. provided to Mark Leibovich for his 2018 book, Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times.

It will end badly,” the elder Brady told Leibovich. “It’s a cold business. And for as much as you want it to be familial, it isn’t.”

Ideally, the Patriots and Tom Brady will issue a joint release crafted carefully to place blame on no one. And that may still happen. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be hard feelings if Brady leaves.

Ultimately, Brady may want the motivation that comes from hard feelings to fuel his late-career second act. For years, he’s been driven to prove wrong those who doubted him in 2000. If he can persuade himself that the Patriots are doubting him in 2020, Brady may find a way to push himself to an ever higher level of performance.

14 responses to “Is an amicable divorce possible for the Patriots and Tom Brady?

  1. “Brady may find a way to push himself to an ever-higher level of performance.”

    Ain’t gonna happen. Father time is the ultimate winner in these situations.

  2. Of course it’s possible for it to be amicable. It will be amicable. If he doesn’t accept the Patriots offer, it’s business. The Patriots will still be grateful to him and he will always be an extended member of the Kraft family. 20 years is 20 years. How many players in team sports play 20 years for the same team?

  3. Aside from all the drama that is stirred up, it looks like TB12 basically wants a (2) year deal (like Drew Brees 2/$50M). BB wants two (1) year deals. There is a boat load of franchise value that has been created by TB12 over the 20 years. If Kraft isn’t thankful for that, there will likely be some hard feelings (and there should be).

  4. I’m a Pats and a Brady fan. I can’t see how they can pay $$$. My guess is that he leaves. If he stays at $$$ then it is for naught as the team wouldn’t be able to put better pieces around him. Why stay if they can’t make a run at the bowl?

  5. Legit question – is it possible Pats are waiting for new CBA? Are there potential changes that could benefit Pats’ ability to pay TB12 the $ he wants?

  6. We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if the Patriots had surrounded him with NFL quality talent anywhere on offense this year.

  7. Brady will make the 2020 season exciting at least. Most sacks, most interceptions, most fumbles. Going to be great.

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