Josh Allen on 10-win season: Good part is Bills have room to improve

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The Bills took a big step forward in the standings during the 2019 season as they went from 6-10 to 10-6 and a berth in the postseason.

Quarterback Josh Allen’s progress in his second NFL season was integral to that change of fortunes. Allen improved across the board as a passer while remaining a threat as a runner, but he’s not a finished product as he heads into the 2020 season.

During an appearance on Pardon My Take, Allen said that having room to improve coming off a 10-win season is a positive for him and the Bills as a whole.

“To realize how young our team is and to get to 10 wins and how we did it — there is a lot of room to improve,” Allen said. “That’s the good part for us. That we did have this type of season and we still got a lot of improvement to make and a lot of places we can grow.”

Buffalo is projected to have more than $80 million in cap space to use on bringing in players who can help provide that kind of improvement. They met with one prospective addition last week in tight end Greg Olsen, but he’s taking a couple of other visits this week before making any decisions.

10 responses to “Josh Allen on 10-win season: Good part is Bills have room to improve

  1. For sure this team is on the rise. If we see the type of growth out of Allen we did from year one to year two in his third season they will be in very good shape. More talent on the offensive side of the ball will equal playoffs and then some.

  2. Well, if Josh can figure out how to stop keeping both teams in the game, they’ll have a better chance go further. I’m worried this guy is the next Jameis Winston.

  3. They might improve some, but other divisions need to understand the AFCE isn’t weak now it’s just Pats have been so uber dominant. Pats’ Brady-era record out-of-div is same as in-div, at about 3:1, but luckily for those other divs they’ve not had to play the Pats twice every year.

  4. After all these years the Bill’s finally have an elite franchise QB. The only thing he lacks is experience, and he’s getting that. 10 win seasons should be the minimum as long as they have a dominant QB. Great athletes, like Josh Allen and Steve Young, sometimes rely too much on their ability to escape and do a lot with their legs. Tampa Bay actually gave up on Young before he figured out how to play the position in the NFL. I see Allen getting better every time I watch him. The Jets also have a good young QB, so there should be some good battles over the next decade or so.

  5. First improvement I would make is a no hurdling rule for the QB. Twice I have seen him try to end his season early, and miraculously survive. That luck will run out.

  6. The Bills are my favorite team and a great franchise. Much better than the Raiders – worst ownership, worst fans, and – for the last quarter century – worst stadium in the league.

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