Patrick Mahomes: Reminders about time left in Super Bowl were a little annoying

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When Patrick Mahomes was intercepted by 49ers safety Jaquiski Tartt with the Niners up 20-10 in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, there were some thoughts that the NFC team might put the game away.

Those thoughts were not being discussed with Mahomes on the Chiefs sideline. As he told Peter King for Football Morning in America, the message was that the Chiefs could still rally to win the game and he heard it more often than he would have liked before all was said and done.

“Almost every single person that came up to me right there said, ‘We still got time left. You’re still good. We’re still gonna have time to go down there and put up points,'” Mahomes said. “It was almost a little annoying because I knew we had time left. There was one point, Matt Moore, a guy that was vital in us being where we were at this season, he came up to me, and he was like the last guy to come up to me and say something. He said, ‘We still got a lot of time left. You gotta believe.’ And I almost gave him a little bit of an attitude. I was like, ‘I know we got time left!!!'”

Moore said that Mahomes later came over to apologize because the backup quarterback was “like the 15th person to say something to me.” Mahomes also said that the encouragement helped give him “the confidence to go out there and keep slinging the ball around,” so a little annoyance wound up working out well for Kansas City.

9 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: Reminders about time left in Super Bowl were a little annoying

  1. Mahomes can join Brady in thanking the other team for making sure they both had lots of time and multiple possessions to complete their comebacks. Mr.Shanahan, like his College compatriot,Sarkisian, are just too smart to just run the damn ball and go home with a Win…

  2. It was a disappointing game. The Chiefs made a lot of mistakes and the 49ers decided to stop moving the ball in the 4th quarter.

  3. That right there just proves that Mahomes still have some maturing to do. Yes he is a great QB, not questioning that at all. But to get upset that teammates are making those comments AND then to publicly come out to the media that it bothered you is pretty immature and shows the lack of leadership. His talent right now is what the Chiefs are winning on, his leadership and maturity will be tested now as teams figure him out.

  4. Some teams at home watching the superbowl wishing this was an annoyance for their team.
    Be grateful Patrick. The time ran out on the team I root for a while ago.

  5. I don;t blame him. Anyone that has watched Mahomes in his first 2 season should know he does not need to be reminded how much time is left. He has already won several games in the last minutes. He is more than capable of that. No need to repeatedly remind him of it

  6. He already knew that he had time. I am sure that His mind was working overtime to figure out what he had to do to win the game. The reminders were disruptive to his thoughts. He needed to be left alone with his thoughts.
    At his level, mental rehearsal is quite important, and he was probably in that state of mind. Many sports writers commented on Mahomes’ decisions. They are not spur of movement decisions. His actions are mentally rehearsed well in advance.

  7. There are times when you leave a player alone so they can think. Many greats have been this way. Has nothing to do with their leadership, it has to do with their mental prep.

  8. The 49s just gave the game away. It had nothing to do with pressure from the Chiefs defense or Pat Mahomes and his explosive playmakers. It’s just to bad the officiating crew didn’t notice their generous deed and just give them the Lombardi.

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