Taysom Hill views himself as a franchise quarterback, wants to be with a team that views him that way

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Despite the obvious and uncanny skill set of Saints master-of-all-trades Taysom Hill, plenty seem to be skeptical as to whether he can be a franchise quarterback. Taysom Hill is not.

I definitely view myself as a franchise quarterback,” Hill told Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press during Super Bowl week.

The Saints view Hill that way, too. The question becomes whether another team will make Hill a restricted free-agency offer the Saints can’t or won’t match, accepting a first-round pick as compensation for him.

“Do I want to leave?” Hill said. “The fact of the matter is no. But as you look at free agency, you have to find the right opportunity for you. You have to find the situation to take care of your family. I want to play quarterback in this league. If New Orleans don’t view me that why, well then I have to leave.”

That last response suggests that Hill won’t be signing an offer sheet that makes him a well-paid gadget player, say in the range of $10 million per year. Instead, he wants to find a team that regards him as a franchise quarterback and pays him accordingly.

So it currently looks like he’ll either sign an offer sheet that pays him like a franchise quarterback or he’ll take $6 million or so for 2020 and then become eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2021, subject to the franchise or transition tag.

14 responses to “Taysom Hill views himself as a franchise quarterback, wants to be with a team that views him that way

  1. I’d be willing to bet that exactly zero teams are willing to pay him like a franchise qb. If the saints want to pay him $10 mil a year I’d jump on that all day.

  2. I think he has an easy job, with Drew Brees as the starting qb. He can sub in, run plays at other positions, stuff like that. It would be different if her were a full time starter at qb without Brees on the team.

  3. “Guy who has played 3 seasons and thrown 13 passes views self as franchise QB and wants similarly delusional team that won’t laugh when he says that.”

  4. Bridgewater feels the same and says he’s even “proved it” during his actual starts in the NFL. Brees concurs with both but insists he isn’t done playing yet.

    If Only one gets to stay, who is it? I’m thinking it’s Brees moving onto another team and Hill that remains. Bridgewater will take longer to sign, but he ends up with a new team, as well.

  5. “I definitely view myself as a franchise quarterback,”
    This moron has proven NOTHING & he thinks he is a “franchise quarterback”…..give me a break, he is a situational player that has come in here and there in multiple positions, q.b., running back, receiver, special teams, he is basically a jack of all trades & master of none.
    Plus he seems a little too arrogant for my liking.

  6. Was highly thought of as a NFL caliber QB at BYU but injuries derailed that 3 out of 4 seasons. His running style put him in harms way too often, but the guy could put up numbers at the Y. If you watched him closely in college, you saw a guy who could play the position at a high level.

  7. There is zero chance he gets an offer to be a starting QB. This upcoming year has too many available quarterbacks to bring in…that have actually started and ran an offense! Taysom needs to understand and fans as well; what’s hes done, he will not be able to do as a starter. He will have to change his game to be a starter. Question is, can he???

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