Vikings add Dom Capers to coaching staff

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer added some experience to his coaching staff.

The team announced the addition of Dom Capers as senior defensive assistant.

The former Panthers and Texans head coach is entering his 33rd year in the NFL.

He was a senior defensive assistant with the Jaguars last year.

His previous coordinator jobs include stints with the Steelers, Jaguars, Dolphins and most recently the Packers. He’s always been an advocate of a 3-4 defense, but he has the kind of knowledge that will benefit any staff.

The Vikings named Andre Patterson and Adam Zimmer co-coordinators this offseason, after previous coordinator George Edwards’ deal wasn’t renewed.

13 responses to “Vikings add Dom Capers to coaching staff

  1. I am not with this addition. The game seems to have past Dom bye. WTF Zimmer stop adding coaches and add some players that can play your system. Like at offensive & defensive line – QB too.

  2. Capers is 70 years old.

    I simply cannot understand why some people just don’t call it a day, buy some night crawlers and take their great grandsons to the fishing pond.

    You’ve had your day in the sun, Dom. It’s time to go home.

  3. If you want someone who can come up with the most complicated defensive schemes, Dom is great.

    If you want someone who can come up with a scheme that a 23 year old who just spent a total of about 7 days in a real college class can run, Dom isn’t your guy.

  4. So as a Packer fan who does not troll, I’m just gonna say it once and be done with it: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! In all seriousness, he did play a key part in getting GB a superbowl win, but as someone who defended him for too long, it did feel like the game had passed him by. Maybe Ted Thompson never gave him enough pieces to work with, but at the same time, his scheme never inspired much fear in other teams. I wish him personally well, but… ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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